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Graduate Services/Telephone Numbers

The College Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Leo Engineering Building. Textbooks and auxiliary materials may be obtained there.

Health Services is located on the first floor of Alumni Hall. A full-time Nurse Practitioner and part-time college Physicians are available to address student health concerns.

An Accidents and Sickness Insurance Plan is available to students of Manhattan College. Students from foreign countries are especially urged to participate in this plan. Information is available at the office of the Vice President of Finance, 3rd floor of Memorial Hall.

Available to students is the Center for Career Development; personnel will assist students seeking employment. The office is on the fifth floor of Miguel Hall.

Manhattan College has a Counseling Center located on the fifth floor of Miguel Hall. Registered Manhattan College students may avail themselves of the services offered by the Center academic and psychological counseling, consultation and referral.

Parking permits may be obtained from the Director of Security whose office is on the first floor of Jasper Hall.

The Campus Ministry has an office on the second floor of Miguel Hall. All Manhattan College students may receive religious counseling through the Campus Ministry.

The International Student Advisor is available for all nonacademic advice and has an office on the second floor of Miguel Hall, Room 207A.


The Mary Alice and Tom O’Malley Library provides support for the instructional programs of the college and is available to students, faculty, and staff, and contains approximately 200,000 print volumes, over 98,000 ebooks, and access to over 26,000 journals.  Books and media are listed in JASPERcat, our online catalog. Through the Manhattan College Library website, users obtain access to JASPERcat and to multiple searchable databases that include citations and full-text of journals, books and reference materials.  Off-site access to the catalogs and special databases is available to all registered students.

Students and faculty of Manhattan College can access the library resources of New York City and Westchester County by utilizing the interlibrary loan and on-site use arrangements of WALDO and METRO, our local library networks.

O'Malley Library includes more than 100 computer workstations and network connectivity throughout the building as well as media services and teleconferencing. Students can study in various settings including group study rooms. An Internet Cafe is located outside the main library entrance. Reference librarians are available to provide information assistance on a scheduled basis and by appointment. The librarians teach library research classes to graduate and undergraduate students.

The Library maintains the Archives of the College and of the New York and New England Districts of the Christian Brothers.

During designated times of the school year, all or parts of the library will be open 24 hours a day. A schedule of hours is posted at (select "hours").  A Manhattan College I.D. card is required for entrance. For more information about library hours and services, please call (718) 862-7166.

Computer Facilities

A wide variety of computing resources are available to Manhattan College students, faculty, and staff via JasperNet, the college's campus-wide network. JasperNet deploys wired and wireless computing and information services to campus laboratories, classrooms, and offices, as well as to student residence halls. Twelve microcomputer laboratories are located on the Manhattan College campus in the Research and Learning Center, DeLaSalle Hall, Miguel Hall and O'Malley Library. These laboratories serve all schools of the College. They support approximately 350 Pentium IV based microcomputers running under Microsoft Windows XP and Red Hat LINUX.

All campus locations are connected via a multi-gigabit backbone network. JasperNet provides many network based applications and services including online courses and web based storage as well as E-mail, Internet and World Wide Web access via TCP/IP, and laser printing in the laboratories. A wide range of software is available including math and statistical packages (Maple, MathCad, MatLab, SPSS, Excel), compilers (C++, Visual Basic, Visual J++), databases (Access, SQL), word processors (MS Word), presentation graphics (PowerPoint), multimedia authoring (Macromedia Director), as well as department-specific applications (E.g. I-DEAS, AutoCad, FLUENT). JasperNet provides full ethernet connectivity to students in all of the College's residence halls. Students living in these networked buildings can connect their own networkable desktop or notebook computer directly to JasperNet. General support is provided via the project's Web pages: .

A dedicated Web Server for the College – – is maintained by the Computer Center and supports over fifteen thousand hypertext pages of information including online catalogs, handbooks, and policies. Some faculty members maintain web pages for their courses on the server supported by a separate file server to facilitate the posting of online courseware. The Computer Center also provides on-line support, documentation, and other services via their web site: .

Computing laboratories are equipped for digital overhead projection and many are used as hands-on classrooms. Portable microcomputers with projection capabilities are used by instructors for demonstrations purposes in other classrooms throughout the campus which are linked to JasperNet.

Computer Laboratory Hours:

Research & Learning Center

Day Time
Monday - Friday9:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Weekends10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

De La Salle CIS Lab

Day Time
Monday - Friday8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Weekends10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Department is charged with the responsibility of enforcing all College security regulations, and overseeing the College’s risk management policies, including the supervision of all campus parking facilities. There are 45 full-time and 3 part-time officers who conduct foot and vehicle patrols of the campus areas 24 hours a day. Being a component of the Student Life Division, the Public Safety Department actively supports the stated mission of the College and accepts its responsibility to employ security measures to ensure that our students enjoy their years at Manhattan in safety and well being.

Current Education Law 6450 crime reporting and statistics are as follows:


OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Aggravated Assault001
Murder/Non Negligent Manslaughter000
Negligent Manslaughter000
Motor Vehicle Theft001
Sex Offenses (Forcible)000
Sex Offenses (Non-Forcible)000
Hate Crimes000


OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Drug Abuse Violations110
Liquor Law Violations000
Weapon Possession110

Disciplinary Actions/Referrals

OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Drug Abuse Violations62550
Liquor Law Violations102950
Weapon Possession000


OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Aggravated Assault002
Murder/Non Negligent Manslaughter000
Negligent Manslaughter000
Motor Vehicle Theft001
Sex Offenses (Forcible)100
Sex Offenses (Non-Forcible)000
Hate Crimes000


OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Drug Abuse Violations221
Liquor Law Violations005
Weapon Possession000

Disciplinary Actions/Referrals

OFFENSE On Campus Residence Halls Public Property
Drug Abuse Violations32290
Liquor Law Violations2902791
Weapon Possession000

* On Campus total includes Residence Hall incidents.

 Telephone Numbers

Department Phone Contact
The Provost(718) 862-7304William C. Clyde, Ph.D.
Graduate Admissions and Information(718) 862-7325William J. Bisset, Jr.
Dean of Business(718) 862-7440Salwa Ammar, Ph.D.
Dean of Education(718) 862-7374William Merriman, Ph.D.
Dean of Engineering(718) 862-7307Timothy J. Ward, Ph.D., P.E.

Directors of Graduate Programs

Department Phone Contact
MBA(718) 862-7872Marc Waldman, Ph. D
Counseling Programs(718) 862-7497Corine Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Education(718) 862-7969Elizabeth M. Kosky, Ed.D
School Building Leadership(718) 862-7473Sr. Remigia Kushner, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering(718) 862-7185Ann Marie Flynn, Ph.D
Civil Engineering(718) 862-7172Moujalli Hourani, D.Sc
Electrical & Computer Engineering(718) 862-7153Gordon Silverman, Ph.D.
Environmental Engineering(718) 862-7169Robert Sharp, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering(718) 862-7927Bahman Litkouhi, Ph.D.
School of Continuing & Professional Studies(718) 862-7870Cheryl Harrison, Ed.D.

Service Offices

Office Phone
Admissions and Information (718) 862-7325
Office of Student Financial Services(718) 862-7100
Office of the Registrar(718) 862-7914
Office of Financial Assistance(718) 862-7381
Office of Commencement and Special Events(718) 862-7918
International Student Advisor(718) 862-7213
Director of Residence(718) 862-7438
Bookstore (718) 862-7249




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