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Administrative Officers & Staff

The President's Office

Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D., President (2009-)

Veronica Boland, B.A., Executive Assistant to the President (2009-)

Barbara Herlihy - Executive Secretary to the President (2011-)

Academic Affairs

William C. Clyde, Ph.D., Executive Vice President/Provost and Director of the Graduate Division (2010-)

Walter F. Matystik, J.D., Associate Provost for Faculty Research and Computer Systems, Policy and Planning (1974-)

Richard Emmerson, Ph.D., Dean of Arts (2009 - )

Constantine E. Theodosiou, Ph.D., Dean of Science (2011-)

Salwa Ammar, Ph.D., Dean of Business (2009 -)

Timothy J. Ward., Ph.D., Dean of Engineering (2008-)

William J. Merriman, Ph.D., Dean of Education and Human Services (1987-)

Rhonda Shuler, B.A., Senior Academic Advisor for Business (2002-)

Dianna H. Cruz, M.A., Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor, School of Arts (2002-)

Brother David Martin Trichtinger, F.S.C., M.A., M.S., Academic Advisor for Athletics (2011-)

Alyssa Koob, M.A., Academic Advisor for Athletics (2012-)

Loretta Wilkins, M.A., Assistant Dean for Education (1998-)

Darcy A. Lis-Beglane, M.A., Assistant Dean for School of Science (1983-)

Richard Schneider, M.S., Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor for Engineering (2003-)

Joseph Berger, Supervisor of Technical Computer Support Group (1980-)

Nancy Cave, Coordinator of the Study Abroad Program (1994-)

Lawrence Hough, M.A., Director of Radiological and Health Professions (1987-) Program Coordinator Nuclear Medicine Technology (1980-)

Joanne Habenicht, M.P.A., Program Coordinator, Radiation Therapy Technology (1997-)

Maire I. Duchon, M.L.S., Director of the Libraries (1971-)

Catherine Shanley, D.L.S., Assistant Director of the Libraries (1972-)

Judith Slisz, M.A., M.B.A., Director of Assessment (2007-)

Amy Surak, M.A., Archivist (2002-)

Sandra Emmerson, M.L.S. Assistant Archivist (2009 -)

Luz M. Torres, M.S.Ed., Registrar (2006-)

Brigid McCausland, M.B.A., Associate Registrar (1992-)

Carla Fraser, Assistant Registrar (1999-)

Charmaine Whitter-White, B.S.  TAP Officer/Assistant Report Coordinator (2005-)

Jimena Naranjo, B.A., Report Coordinator, (2009 -)

Cheryl A. Harrison, Ed.D., Exec. Dir., School of Continuing and Professional Studies (2011-)

Suzanne Murphy, A.B.D., Coordinator/ School of Continuing and Professional Studies (1996-)

Cynthia Mason, B.A., Coordinator/School of Continuing and Professional Studies (2006-)

Marilyn Carter-Stevens, M.S., Director of Academic Support Services and Higher Education Opportunity Program (1988-)

Marisa Sarlo-Passafiume, MS.ED. - Director of the Center for Academic Success (2011-)

Elena M. Caminito, M.A., Assistant Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program (1989-)

Anne Vaccaro, M.S., Director of Specialized Resource Center/Learning Disabilities Specialist (1992-)

Anne Morrison, M.A., Assistant to Provost (2002-)

Information Technology

Jake D. Holmquist, B.S., Director of Information Technology (1998-)

Cynthia P. Duggan, Ph.D., Assistant Director/Web & Collaboration (1994-)

Randy Dixon, A.A.S., Associate System Administrator (1995-)

Robert Moran, B.S., Associate Director (2001-)

Melvin Lasky, M.S., Data Base Administrator (2011-)

Steven Galante, M.S., System Administrator (2011-)

Kimberly Jones Woodruff, M.S., Instructional Designer (2011-)

Khaitsa Wasiyo, Ed.D., Instructional Designer (2012-)

Michael T. Reinhart, M.B.A., Assistant Director (1995-)

Jason Caban, M.S., Senior Systems Manager (2001-)

Elias Valdez, B.S., Laboratory Manager (2008-)

Edwin Reinoso, M.B.A., Network Technician (2011-)

Kelvin Moreaux, M.S.., Systems Manager (2006-)

Kristine Goncalves, B.S., Programmer Analyst (2011-)

Eileen McIntyre, M.B.A., CIS Laboratory Coordinator (1987-)

Ananda Das, M.S.., Web Programmer (2005-)

Richard Musal, M.A., Asst. Director of Client Services & Operations (2003-)

Nicholas Maiello, A.A.S, Network Technician/O’Malley Library (2009)

Enrollment Management

William J. Bisset, Jr., M.Ed., Vice President, Enrollment Management (1997-)

Michael A. Petri, M.A., Director, Transfer Admissions/Financial Aid (2002-)

Caitlin Read. M.A., Director,  Enrollment Operations (2006-)

Dana Rose, M.A.., Director, Admissions/Financial Aid  (2005-)

Gabrielle Brown, M.A., Associate Director, Admissions/Financial Aid (2007-)

Melissa Ward, B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions/Financial Aid (2009-)

Tiffany Corbett, M.S., Assistant Director, Admissions/Financial Aid (2011-)

Gianna A. Voccola, B.S., Assistant Director of Admissions/Financial Aid (2009-)

Russell Stevens, M.A., Assistant Director of Admissions/Financial Aid (2007-)

Anne Rotundo, M.A., Admissions/Financial Aid Counselor (2011-)

Benjamin Boivin, B.A., Admissions/Financial Aid Counselor (2012-)

Student Life

Richard T. Satterlee, Ph.D., Vice President, Student Life (2010-)

Michael Carey, Psy. D., Dean of Students (2006-)

Emmanuel Ago, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Life (2011-)

John B. Gormley, M.S., Director, Residence Life (2009-)

Nicole Faison-Jeter, M.A., Assistant Director, Student Housing Operations (2011-)

Renata Williams, M.A., Assistant Director (2006-)

Andrew Weingarten, M.S., Area Coordinator (2011-)

John Bennett, M.A.,  Director, Student Activities, (2009 -)

Gabrielle Occhiogrosso, M.A., Assistant Director, Student Activities, (2010-)

Eli Olken-Dann, M.A., Recreation Coordinator, (2009 -)

Andrew Goodman, B.A., Director of Campus Events (1990-)

Debra L. Damico, M.A., International Student Advisor (1984-)

Kelly Ahn, Ed.M., Director of Career Development (2012-)

Sharon D'Amelia, M.S., Associate Director of Career Development (2011-)

Br. Charles Barbush, F.S.C., M.L.S., M.Ed., Coordinator of Mentor Program (2007-)

Bernadette Hicks, B.S., Coordinator of Career Development (1995-)

Ann Rohan, M.S.E.D, Coordinator of Career Development (2000-)

Terence P. Hannigan, Ph.D., Director of Counseling/Health Services (2011-)

Jennifer McArdle, M.A., Assistant Director of Counseling (2000-)

Kevin Ott, L.C.S.W., Counselor (2010-) 

Keith Cunniffe, L.C.S.W., Alcohol and Drug Counselor (2009-)

Carl Franzetti, M.D., College Physician (2003-)

Frank Maselli, M.D., College Physician (2003-)

Amy Dall, N.P., Nurse Practitioner (2010-)

Lois Harr, M.A., Director, Campus Ministry and Social Action/Asst. to the Vice President (1998-)

Kevin C. McCloskey, M.S., Social Action Coordinator (1996-)

Fr. George Hill, M.Div., Chaplain/Campus Minister (2007-)

Jennifer Edwards-Robinson, M.A., Campus Minister ( 2008 -)

Juan E. Cerezo, Director, Security (1996-)

Robert J. DeRosa, B.S., Associate Director, Security/Risk Management (2005-)

David Erosa, B.S., Assistant Director, Security (2008-)

Robert J. Byrnes, M.B.A., Director, Athletics (1988-)

Noah LeFevre, M.B.A., Sr. Associate Director of Athletics (2012-)

Deborah Gregory, Assistant Director, Athletics/Senior Women’s Administrator (1997-)

Amanda McEntire, M.S., Asst. Athletic Dir. for Facilities and Event Management (2012-)

Douglas Straley, M.S., Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine (2003-)

Stephen Dombroski, B.S., M.B.A., Sports Information Director (2008-)

Joseph Clifford, M.S., Assistant Director, Sports Information (2008-)

Elvys Quezada, B.A., Athletics Operations Manager (2011-)

Ariel Pesante, M.S., Compliance Coordinator (2010-)

Business and Finance

Thomas J. Ryan, M.S., Vice President for Finance & Capital Projects (2007-)

Edward Keough, B.S., C.P.A., Director Student Financial Services (2000-)

Lisa Juncaj, B.A., Associate Director of Student Financial Services (1995-)

Mercy Lopez, M.A.., Assistant Director Student Financial Services (2004-)

Christina Cardinale, B.S., Assistant Bursar  (2001-)

Chrisanne McGarvey, B.S. Assistant Bursar (2005-)

Alissa Lynch, M.A., Financial Aid Counselor (2007-)

Nancy D. Hesselbacher, M.B.A., Financial Aid Counselor (2011-)

Dennis Lonergan, B.B.A., C.P.A., Controller (2006-)

Denise Fox, M.B.A., C.P.A., Assistant Controller (2012-)

Richard J. Cardinale, B.B.A., Associate Director (1987-)

Ramon Jacques, A.A.S., I/A Technical Supervisor (2001-)

Judy Cases, Accountant (2001-)

Al Heyward, B.B.A., Grants Accountant (2000-)

Eileen Duarte, B.B.A, Payroll Manager (2010-)

George M. Kuzma, B.S., Business Manager (1996-)

Elena Mastrangelo, B.S., Buyer (2002-)

Rosemary Jimenez, Telecommunications Coordinator (1989-)

Human Resources

Barbara A. Fabé, B.A., Vice President of Human Resources (1988-)

Vicki M. Cowan, M.A., PHR, Director, Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer (1989-)

Eileen Armstrong, Benefits Manager (2005-)

Patricia Stone, B.S., Human Resources Manager (1996-)

Facilities Management

Andrew J. Ryan,  M.B.A., P.E., Vice President for Facilities (2011-)

Gregory Cowart, M.A.., Project Manager (2012-)

Richard E. McKeown, A.A.S., Director of Physical Plant (1997-)

Victor Schneider, Assistant Director of Physical Plant (1998-)


Br. James Wallace, F.S.C., Ph.D., Vice President for Mission (2010-)

College Advancement

Thomas Mauriello, M.S., Vice President for College Advancement (2006-)

Stephen White, M.S., Director of Development (2007-)

MaryEllen Malone, M.A., Director of Planned Giving (2001-)

Kathleen Muskopf, M.A., Director of Principal Gifts (2007-)

Pamela Bottge, B.S., Director of Capital Campaign (2011-)

Edward Lally, B.S., Major Gifts Officer (2012-)

Tiana Sloan, B.S. , Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations (2011-)

Nicole K. Bruck, B.A., Assistant Director of Annual Giving (2011-)

Gabrielle Kaminsky, B.A., Development Writer (2011-)

Barbara A. Higgins, M.A., Coordinator of Research (1975-)

Liz Moran, Manager Advancement Services (2007-)

Thomas McCarthy, M.A., Director of Alumni Relations (2006-)

Ainsley Woakes, M.A., Assistant Director of Alumni Relations (2011-)

Ellie Calabro, B.S., Alumni Relations Manager (2001-)

Lydia E. Gray, M.A., Executive Director of Marketing/Communication (1980-)

Patricia Gunn-Doherty, Director, Events (1992-)

Kristen Cuppek, M.A., Director of Editorial Services and Publications (2002-)

Elizabeth Connolly Bauman, M.A., Asst. Dir. of News & Media Relations (2010-)

Gail A. Conklin, Events Manager (1993-)

Andrea Chambliss, B.A., Assistant Director of Web Communications (2010-)

Katharina Riehle, B.A., Graphic Designer (2012-)

Julie Achilles, B.A., Content Manager (2011-)

Dates in parentheses indicate years of service in the College and not necessarily appointment to the current position.




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