Business Courses

MBA Experiential Courses

MBAE 601Internship3
ACCT 608Accounting Theory and Research3
MBAE 602Research3
MBAE 603Entrepreneurship3
MBAE 604Business Plan Project3
MBAE 606Doing Business: Study Trip3

 MBA Core Courses

MBAC 605Going Global3
MBAC 611Advanced Data Analysis3
MBAC 612Supply Chain Analysis3
MBAC 613Fundamental Analysis For Forecasting, Valuation And Risk3
MBAC 614Managerial Economics3
MBAC 617Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets3
MBAC 621Reading/Cases in Financial Reporting3
MBAC 622Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MBAC 623Designing and Operating Sustainable Business3
MBAC 631Innovation Management3
MBAC 632Industrial Organization3
MBAC 633Managing/Marketing Service Business3

Elective Courses

ACCT 609Information Technology Assurance and Audit3
MBAL 640Strategic Games of Interaction3
MBAL 641The Housing Market3
MBAL 642International Marketing Field Project3
MBAL 644Employment Law3

Capstone Courses

MBAP 710Professional Ethics3
MBAP 720Advanced Strategic Management3


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