Aerospace Studies (ROTC)

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is conducted at over 1000 colleges and universities throughout the United States in order to select and train men and women to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force. Most graduates who enter the Air Force through ROTC are assigned positions consistent with their academic major. Others, who wish to do so, may qualify to become pilots and navigators. Men and women who complete graduation requirements and the Professional Officer Course (POC) receive commissions and enter active duty as second lieutenants. Officers who qualify may take graduate training prior to beginning their military duties. Scholarships are available to qualified students. For more information about scholarships, please see the Financial Assistance section of this catalog or call (718) 862-7201. Air Force ROTC is taught at Manhattan College in Riverdale but is available to any student attending college in the Greater New York area.

The Academic Program
The Aerospace Studies department offers 3- and 4-year programs to students. Course content includes: Foundations of the U.S. Air Force, Evolution of Airpower, Leadership Studies, and National Security Affairs. All lower division courses are one credit hour. Upper division courses are three credit hours.
An integral part of the Air Force ROTC program is Leadership Laboratory and Physical Training. Students are required to attend both functions and must meet all attendance and academic requirements in order to remain in good standing within the program.

In addition to the academic program, Air Force ROTC offers a wide array of optional activities to enhance students’ leadership skills.

The General Military Course

The General Military Course provides an examination of the broad range of U. S. military forces in the contemporary world, with particular attention to the United States Air Force and its organization and mission. A student may take any of these courses without entering the AFROTC program.

ROTC 101Foundations of the US Air Force1
ROTC 102Foundations of US Air Force II1
ROTC 201Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power1
ROTC 202Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power II1

 The Professional Officer Course

The Professional Officer Course provides an examination of the broad range of U.S. civil-military relations, the environmental context in which U.S. defense policy is formulated and implemented, and the principles and practices of leadership and management as they relate to the U.S. Air Force. A student may take any of these courses without entering the AFROTC program.

ROTC 301Leadership Studies3
ROTC 302Leadership Studies II3
ROTC 401National Security Affairs3
ROTC 402National Security Affairs II3

 The Leadership Laboratory

The Leadership Laboratory is a cadet-centered activity held in conjunction with all courses listed above and required for all Air Force ROTC cadets. It provides leadership and followership training experiences which will improve a cadet’s ability to perform as an Air Force Officer.

ROTC 100Leadership Laboratory0
ROTC 200Leadership Laboratory0
ROTC 300Leadership Laboratory0
ROTC 400Leadership Laboratory0

Highly qualified freshmen and sophomores can compete nationally for the In-College Scholarship Program. Express Scholarships may be available to students pursuing degrees the Air Force deems “critical” (Engineering and Foreign Languages). Scholarships cover tuition and most fees, $600 annually for textbooks, and include a monthly stipend ($300-$500). Four year scholarships are available for eligible High School Seniors. These applications are due via by December 1.

For more information about Air Force ROTC or about our scholarship programs, log on to or contact our office at
(718) 862-7901.

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