Pre-Health Concentration

Dr. Bruce Liby
Pre-Health Professions Advisor

Dr. Rani Roy
AVP, Student & Faculty Development

The Pre-Health concentration is designed to provide students with the necessary foundation for a career in the Health Professions. Incoming freshman, transfers, and current students may enroll, if eligible, at any time.  This designation will be on their official academic record as fulfillments of requirements of the concentration.  Students from any major and any School of the College may enter the Concentration. 

To matriculate in the pre-health concentration, a student must earn an overall average GPA of 3.0 all courses with no more than two grades lower than a 3.0 in any of the Concentration courses.   Any Pre-Concentration student who, at any time, fails to meet all requirements concurrently will be dismissed from the concentration.   To be in good standing in the concentration, students must take at least six credits in the concentration per academic year (including summer). Students who fail to do so will be dismissed from the concentration, but may reapply when this requirement is met.  Although not a requirement of the major, all pre-requisites and co-requisites of the below courses must be taken.

Students who are in good standing for two consecutive semesters; who have completed four science core courses; and who have taken the Introduction to Pre-Health Studies course, will receive priority status for registration purposes. They will retain that status as long as they are in good standing.  Students in good standing will also be given preference to currently established HPAC Internships. 

As the pre-requisites for the various programs in the Health Professions can vary substantially, students may request, in advance, to substitute specific courses for some of the above requirements.  Substitutions for any of the above courses will be considered on a case by case basis and must be approved in advance by the Pre-Health Advisor.  Individual requirements may be waived by the Pre-Health Advisor in special cases.  Students who have been dismissed from the Concentration may re-apply.  To be successful, such students must demonstrate a greatly improved academic performance or profound extenuating circumstance.

Pre-Health Concentration Requirements

All students enrolled in the Pre-Health Concentration must take the following courses:

SCI 105Introduction to Pre-Health Studies1
BIOL 111General Biology I4
BIOL 113General Biology Laboratory I0
BIOL 112General Biology II4
BIOL 114General Biology Laboratory II0
CHEM 101General Chemistry I3
CHEM 103General Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 102General Chemistry II3
CHEM 104General Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM 319Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 323Organic Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 320Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 324Organic Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM 433Biochemistry I3
PHYS 107Introduction to Physics I4
or PHYS 101 Physics I
PHYS 197Introduction to Physics I Lab0
or PHYS 191 Physics I Lab
PHYS 108Introduction to Physics II4
or PHYS 102 Physics II
PHYS 198Introduction to Physics II Lab0
or PHYS 192 Physics II Lab
MATH 155Calculus for the Life Sciences I3
or MATH 185 Calculus I
MATH 156Calculus for the Life Sciences II3
or MATH 186 Calculus II
Approved Elective3
Off-campus clinical experience0 - 3

For additional information on Pre-Health programs at Manhattan College please go to the Center for Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement

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