SCPS Calendar

2017 Summer Semester

Month Date Day Event
May 18 Thursday Spring Commencement
May 15 Monday Summer 2017 Begins Term I
May 15 Monday Drop Period Open Term I
May 20 Saturday Drop Period Closed Term I
May 22 Monday Course Withdrawal Open Term I
June 26 Monday Course Withdrawal Closed Term I
July 02 Sunday End of Summer 2017-Term I
July 05 Wednesday Final Grades for Term I Due
July 05 Wednesday Summer 2017 Term II Begins
July 05 Wednesday Drop Period Open Term II
July-August 06-30 Thurs-Fri Fall 2017 Registration Period
July 11 Tuesday Drop Period Closed Term II
July 15 Saturday Final Grades Deadline-Summer Term I
July 17 Monday Course Withdrawal Open-Term II
August 14 Monday Course Withdrawal Closed- Term II
August 20 Sunday Summer 2017 Term II Ends
August 22 Tuesday Final Grades Deadline-Summer Term II

2017 Fall Semester

Month Date Day Event
August 30 Wednesday New Student Orientation
September 04 Monday Labor Day-SCPS Closed
September 05 Tuesday Fall 2017 Semester Term I Begins
September 05 Tuesday Fall 2017 Drop Period Opens- Term I
September 11 Monday Drop Period Ends-Term I
September 12 Tuesday Course Withdrawal Period Starts-Term I
October 09 Monday Columbus Day Holiday-No Classes
October 14 Saturday Course Withdrawal Period Ends-Term I
October 22 Sunday Fall 2017 Term I Ends
October 23 Monday Fall 2017 Term II Begins
October 23 Monday Drop Period Term II Begins
October 24 Tuesday Final Grades for Term I Due
October 29 Sunday Drop Period - Term II Ends
October 30 Monday Course Withdrawal Starts- Term II
November 01 Wednesday Web Registration Begins for Spring 2018
November 23-24 Thursday-Friday Thanksgiving Holiday-No Classes
December 02 Saturday Withdrawal Period Ends-Term II
December 17 Sunday Fall 2017 Term II Ends
December 19 Tuesday Fall 2017 Final Grades Deadline-Term II

2018 Winter Session

Month Date Day Event
January 02 Tuesday Winter Session Begins
January 14 Sunday Winter Session Ends

2018 Spring Semester

Month Date Day Event
January 15 Monday Martin Luther King Day - No Classes
January 18 Thursday New Student Orientation
January 22 Monday Spring 2018 Term I Begins
January 22 Monday Drop Period Open-Spring 2018 Term I
January 29 Monday Drop Period Closed Spring 2018 Term I
January 30 Tuesday Course Withdrawal Open Term I
February 26 Monday Course Withdrawal Closed Term I
March 11 Sunday Spring 2018 Term I Ends
March 13 Tuesday Deadline Final Grades for Term I
March 19 Monday Spring 2018 Term II Begins
March 19 Monday Drop Period Open-Term II
March 26 Monday Drop Period Closed-Term II
March 27 Tuesday Course Withdrawal Opens Term II
March 29-31 Thurs-Sat Easter Holiday-No Classes
April 02 Monday Easter Holiday-No Classes
April 03 Tuesday Summer 2018 Web Registration Begins
April 23 Monday Course Withdrawal Closed-Term II
May 06 Sunday Spring 2018 Terms II Ends
May 08 Tuesday Deadline Final Grades Term II

*Manhattan College reserves the right to make changes as circumstances require.

During the 1st Week of class - 100% refunded (Drop)
During the 2nd Week of class -  70% refunded (Withdrawal)
During the 3rd Week of class -   30% refunded (Withdrawal)
Thereafter withdrawal -              100% liable

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