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Science Calendar*

2021 Fall Semester

Month Date Day Event
August 30 Monday Classes Begin
September 03 Friday Late Registration & Add/Drop Ends
September 06 Monday Labor Day – No Classes
September 14 Tuesday Senate Meeting
October 11 Monday Fall Break – No Classes
October 12 Tuesday Monday Schedule
October 19 Tuesday Mid-Term Grades Due
October 19 Tuesday Senate Meeting
November 01 Monday Web Registration Begins for Spring 2022
November 16 Tuesday Senate Meeting
November 19 Friday Last day to withdraw from courses
November 24 - 26 Wed - Fri Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes
December 10 Friday Last Day of Classes
December 14-19 Mon-Sat Finals Week– Winter Recess Begins after last examination
December 21 Tuesday Fall 2021 Online Grading closes

2021-2022 Winter Intersession 

Month Date Day Event
December 20 Monday Classes Begin
December 23 - 31 Thu - Fri Christmas Break - College Closed
January 01 Friday New Year's Holiday - College Closed
January 14 Monday Last day of Winter Intersession

2022 Spring Semester 

Month Date Day Event
January 19 Wednesday Classes Begin
January 25 Tuesday Late Registration & Add/Drop ends
February 02 Tuesday Deadline to submit incomplete work to faculty for Fall 2021
February 07 Monday Deadline for Faculty to submit grades for Fall 2021 incompletes
February 15 Tuesday Senate Meeting
March 10 Thursday Mid - Term Grades Due
March 14 - 18 Mon - Fri Spring Break
March 15 Tuesday Senate Meeting
April 01 Friday Web Registration begins for Fall 2022
April 07 Wednesday St. De La Salle Day: The Feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle, Patron of Teachers
April 14 - 18 Thu-Mon Easter Holiday - No Classes
April 19 Tuesday Senate Meeting
April 20 Wednesday Monday Schedule
April 20 Wednesday Last day to withdraw from courses
May 06 Friday Last day of classes
May 07 - 08 Sat - Sun Reading Days
May 09 -14 Mon - Sat Finals Week
May 15 - 19 Sun - Thu Senior Days
May 16 Monday Summer Session I begins
May 17 Tuesday Spring 2022 Online Grading closes at 12 noon
May 18 Wednesday Spring Commencement - Graduate Division
May 20 Friday The 180th Undergraduate Commencement
June 30 Thursday Deadline to submit incomplete work to Faculty for Spring 2022
July 05 Tuesday Deadline for Faculty to submit grades for Spring 2022 incompletes

2021 Summer Sessions

Month Date Day Event
May 17 Monday Summer Session I begins
July 02 Friday Summer Session I ends
July 06 Tuesday Summer Session II begins
August 23 Friday Summer Session II ends

* Manhattan College reserves the right to make changes as circumstances require.