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Catholic Studies

Dr. Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Program Coordinator

The Catholic Studies minor offers students in all majors the opportunity to study in depth the many, complex aspects of this important subject: Catholic beliefs, religious practices, moral teachings; Catholicism in history and literary texts; philosophical foundations; artistic manifestations; race/class/gender factors; social justice issues; and Catholicism in everyday life. Because Catholicism is not just an institution or a set of cultural traditions, students explore the subject systematically across disciplines, including Fine Arts, Literature, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. In fostering a deeper understanding of faith, values, experience, and ethics with regard to the Catholic imagination, Catholic Studies resonates with the mission of Manhattan College. A minimum grade of C in all courses is required for credit toward the minor.

Note: The Department of Religious Studies also offers a concentration in Catholic Studies as an option in its major and minor.


Requirements for a Catholic Studies Minor

A Catholic Studies minor comprises 15 credits to be taken from the following three categories. If possible, students should take at least one course focusing on Catholicism outside of Europe and the United States:

1. Foundations. Take one of the following:3
RELS 213
Contemporary Catholicism
2. Disciplinary areas. Take one course from three of the following areas:9
Fine Arts
Monasticism and the Arts
Catholic Mass and its Music
Europe in the Middle Ages
Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
The Crusades
Irish Literary Revival
Masterworks in Spanish I
Medieval Philosophy
Faith and Reason
3. Elective. Take an additional course from the above areas or one of the following:3
Medieval Art
Renaissance Art
Modern Latin America
Early Modern Europe
Medieval and Renaissance Italian Civilization
Any 200-level Religious Studies course
Philosophy Seminar
Total Credits15