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The interdisciplinary Ethics Minor helps students learn how to address ethical dilemmas that they may face at work and in their daily lives. In addition, students interested in exploring challenges that confront our nation and the world — global warming, resource management, inequality, discrimination — will also find the minor rewarding. Although geared toward real world ethical challenges, the minor will also provide the conceptual background necessary to respond to ethical dilemmas. The minor is open to all undergraduates at Manhattan College. 

Students choosing the minor will be assigned a faculty adviser who will assist them in planning a course of studies suited to their interests.  

The minor will require fifteen hours of coursework, two core courses and three electives.  The minor is intended to be interdisciplinary. A maximum of nine credit hours may be taken in one discipline.  

Core Requirements: 6 credits

PHIL 201Ethics3
PHIL 215Ancient Greek Philosophy3
Total Credits6

 Electives: 9 credits

Courses that fulfill the elective requirement must cover a substantial amount of material on ethics, moral theory, or social justice.

The following are courses currently approved to fulfill the elective requirement. Courses will be added to the list, including new interdisciplinary ones, for example, Technology and Ethics, Cyberethics, and Biomedical Ethics. NOTE: Courses other than those listed below may be counted as electives at the discretion of the student’s adviser and with the permission of department chairs and faculty in different disciplines. 

PHIL 205Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 230Philosophy of Law3
PHIL 238Philosophies of War and Peace3
PHIL 325Marx and Marxism3
PHIL 334Existentialism3
PHIL 342Chinese and Japanese Philosophies3
PHIL 350Philosophers on Race, Class, and Gender3
RELS 362Ethics in the Workplace3
RELS 381Religious Dimensions of Peace3
COMM 406Mass Communication Law3