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Film Studies

Dr. Margaret Toth
Program Coordinator

The Film Studies minor is an interdisciplinary course of study that focuses on the history, analysis, and production of the medium of film. The minor is grounded in the principle that cinema itself has always been an interdisciplinary art form, borrowing from the traditions of theater, music, written narrative, photography, and--more recently--televisual and digital technologies. Students in the minor are encouraged to study the history and application of these related arts while also learning about the distinctive elements of cinematic aesthetics. At the same time, film is a form of cultural expression that holds the power to shape our understanding of the societies we live in, engaging such diverse subjects as history, politics, religion, and social identities. Several courses, therefore, ask students to make connections between the films we watch and the world we occupy.

The Film Studies Minor brings together, in a valuable and systematic way, multiple existing courses across at least six departments. The curriculum is organized so that students will gain a broad understanding of the evolution of film as an artistic medium while also having the opportunity to study various genres, modes of production, social issues, and philosophical approaches in depth. Students will also be able to take advantage of the multiple and unique opportunities to access film screenings and archives that our location in New York City provides.


Requirements for a Film Studies Minor

15 credits to include: 

ENGL 255Introduction to Film Studies3
One of the following:3
Types of Film Experience
Film Narrative
Three additional courses chosen from the following:9
Art of Digital Photography
Digital Video Art: Editing and Production
Studio Television Production *
Digital Audio Recording and Editing
Media Criticism
Adaptation Studies
Feminism & Film
French Culture Through Film
Italian Through Film
Philosophy & Film
The Bible & Film
Religion and the Media
Spanish Culture Through Film
*Requires permission of the department chair.

With approval of the program coordinator, Special Topics courses focused on film may also count toward the elective requirements. A minimum grade of C is required for all courses. With the exception of English, only two courses from a single department count towards requirements for the minor.