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Medieval Studies

Dr. Jennifer Edwards
Program Coordinator

The minor in Medieval Studies offers a multi-disciplinary exploration of the art, architecture, history, literature, music, philosophy, and religion of Europe between the fourth and fifteenth centuries. It encourages students to engage critically with a formative era of the past that has shaped the Catholic Church and the development of the modern world. The Middle Ages saw the formation of the institutional Church and the rise of the papacy, the development of the nation and representative bodies, the origin of the university and modern legal systems, the creation of new artistic, literary, and musical forms, and even the formulation of notions such as romantic love and the individual “self.” Current methods in studying the Middle Ages enable scholars and students to engage with the Lasallian mission by studying the poor, displaced, and persecuted as well as the legendary, famous, and powerful.

The Medieval Studies Minor draws faculty and courses from at least six different departments in the School of Liberal Arts and encourages students to seek connections across the disciplines. The minor complements all majors in the humanities and provides a firm historical grounding for students in the social sciences and other areas who wish to understand a period that was crucial to the development of the modern world.


Requirements for a Medieval Studies Minor

15 credits to include:

Medieval Origins of West Culture
3 courses selected from:9
Medieval Art
Studies in Medieval British Literature
Europe in the Middle Ages
Medieval Christian Thought
Medieval Philosophy
And an additional course selected from the above or any of the following:3
Monasticism and the Arts
Race & Gender in Medieval Europe
Premodern Women and Gender History
The Crusades
The Byzantine Empire
England to 1688
Medieval and Renaissance Italian Civilization
Faith and Reason
Philosophy Seminar
RELS 243
The Catholic Mystics

Special Topics courses focusing on a medieval subject may be selected as an elective with the approval of the Medieval Studies program coordinator. A minimum grade of C is required for all courses in the minor.