School of Science

Dr. Constantine Theodosiou
Dean, School of Science


The mission of the School of Science is to help our students to see, to know and so, to act.

To see the invisible world through the lens of a microscope or telescope; to see in the extended laboratory of New York City and the problems, opportunities and rich culture of urban life; to see — with a global perspective — the world grown both smaller through communications and more complex through cultural differences; and to see their place and responsibilities in a world of conflicting moral and ethical claims: this is our mission.

To know by developing the faculty of critical thinking and clear writing and speaking; to know by acquiring the research techniques to find information rapidly and efficiently; to know in cooperation with teachers who pay individual attention to students; to know not only the network of the core curriculum with courses in humanities, natural science, behavioral and social science; and to know not only the how, but also the why: this is our mission.

And finally, to act, to do, to follow in a long line of Manhattan graduates who have made a difference in a wide variety of careers in the public as well as the private sector, and to bring into the world of the future a sense of integrity, honesty and values supported and strengthened at Manhattan College: this is our mission.

Degree Programs

The School of Science currently offers two different graduate degrees in Mathematics through the Department of Mathematics - an MS in Mathematics, and an MS in Adolescence Education Mathematics. The latter is a component of the seamless 5 year BS-MS in Adolescence Education Mathematics offered jointly by the Schools of Education and Science.

The MS in Mathematics program is designed for in-service secondary Mathematics teachers who desire further study in the discipline, teachers who aspire to become master teachers in their own school district, and for those who hope to teach Mathematics at a Community College.  
The BS-MS in Adolescence Education Mathematics program is designed for the undergraduate student seeking certification for grades 7-12. The program  leads in four years to initial certification in Adolescence Education, Mathematics, and confers the MS upon completion of a fifth year of study in Mathematics.

Additional information on either of these programs can be found at the Mathematics link above.

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