Academic Calendar*

2018 Fall Semester

Month Date Day Event
August 27 Monday Classes Begin
August 31 Friday Late Registration & Add/Drop ends
September 03 Monday Labor Day – No Classes
September 18 Tuesday Senate Meeting
October 08 Monday Fall Break – No Classes
October 09 Tuesday Monday Schedule
October 15 Monday Mid-Term Grades Due
October 16 Tuesday Senate Meeting
November 01 Thursday Web Registration Begins - Spring 2019
November 16 Friday Last day to withdraw from courses
November 20 Tuesday Senate Meeting
November 21-23 Wed-Fri Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes
December 07 Friday Last Day of Classes
December 10-15 Mon-Sat Finals Week– Winter Recess Begins after Last Examination
December 17 Monday Fall 2018 Online Grading closes

2018-2019 Winter Intersession

Month Date Day Event
December 17 Monday Classes Begin
December 24-28 Mon-Fri Christmas Break-College Closed
December 31 Monday New Year's Holiday - College Closed
January 01 Tuesday New Year's Holiday - College Closed
January 11 Friday Last Day of Winter Intersession

2019 Spring Semester

Month Date Day Event
January 15 Tuesday Classes Begin
January 21 Monday Martin Luther King Holiday - No Classes
January 22 Tuesday Monday Schedule
January 23 Wednesday Late Registration & Add/Drop Ends
January 28 Monday Deadline to submit incomplete work to Faculty for Fall 2018
February 04 Monday Deadline for Faculty to submit grades for Fall 2018 "I" Grades
February 19 Tuesday Senate Meeting
March 05 Tuesday Mid - Term Grades Due
March 18-22 Mon-Fri Spring Break
April 01 Monday Web Registration Begins for Fall 2019
April 07 Sunday St. De La Salle Day: The Feast of St. John Baptist de la Salle, Patron of Teachers
April 16 Tuesday Last day to withdraw from courses
April 16 Tuesday Senate Meeting
April 18-22 Thurs-Mon Easter Holiday - No Classes
May 03 Friday Last Day of Classes
May 04-05 Sat-Sun Reading Days
May 06-11 Mon-Sat Finals Week
May 12-16 Sun-Thurs Senior Days
May 13 Monday Summer Session I Begins
May 14 Tuesday Spring 2019 Online Grading closes at 12 noon
May 15 Wednesday Spring Commencement (GM & SCPS Division)
May 17 Friday The One Hundred and Seventy-Seventh Commencement (Undergraduate)
June 25 Tuesday Deadline to submit incomplete work to Faculty for Spring 2019
July 01 Monday Deadline for Faculty to submit grades for Spring 2019 incompletes

2019 Summer Sessions                          

Month Date Day Event
May 13 Monday Summer Session I begins
June 28 Friday Summer Session I ends
July 01 Monday Summer Session II begins
August 16 Friday Summer Session II ends

* Manhattan College reserves the right to make changes as circumstances require.

Special Sessions

The College provides special sessions in January, May, and during the summer. These special sessions are scheduled primarily for the benefit of students matriculated at Manhattan College but are also open to properly qualified applicants from other accredited institutions. By attending a special session a student may lighten his/her course load for subsequent periods of instruction, make up for deficient credits, or elect extra credits to diversify and enrich his/her academic program. A student may be required to attend a special session if his/her scholastic performance is poor, or if his/her record contains D or F grades in required, prerequisite or sequential courses. The College will normally not accept credits taken at another institution for required, prerequisite or sequential courses.

All special session courses are the same in the length of periods as those described in the Catalog for the normal academic semesters. Final examinations will be given in each course. Members of the regular teaching staff of the College constitute the special session faculty.

Students from other colleges must present written authorization from the Dean or other qualified officials of their college to enroll in a special session.

Special sessions are held in January, May, June, and July. These short but intensive programs permit a full-time or part-time college student the opportunity to gain additional credits for self-growth, enrichment, and to accelerate the completion of the degree process.

Schedules for special sessions are available in November and April. The enrollment of a minimum number of students will be required for offering any course in the intersession or summer session.

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