MBA Curriculum & Program

The MBA program requires 36 credit hours of coursework (12 three credit courses).  Students are expected to complete two courses in each of the six modules listed below. Note that students may use additional courses from any of the modules toward the elective module requirement.

Core Module 1: Analytical Decision Making and Risk Management (Two of the following):6
Information Technology Assurance and Audit (Required for fifth year accounting students)
Advanced Data Analysis
Stock Market & Corp Valuation
Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets
Financial Management
Managerial Economics
Core Module 2: Leadership and Social Justice (Two of the following):6
Reading/Cases in Financial Reporting
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Going Global: Business and Society
Environmental Economics and Policy
Employment Law
Core Module 3: Organizations and the Competitive Environment (Two of the following):6
Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
Innovation Management
Managing/Marketing Service Business
Managerial Economics
Supply Chain Analysis
Marketing Strategy and the Consumer Experience
Employment Law
Experiential Module (Two of the following):6
Accounting Theory and Research
Business Plan Project A and B
Doing Business: Study Trip
Business Plan Project
International Marketing Field Project
International Management Field Project
Elective Module (Two of the following): *6
International Marketing Field Project
Employment Law
Special Topics in Business
Project Management
International Management Field Project
Capstone Module (The following two courses are required):6
Professional Ethics
Advanced Strategic Management
Total Credits36

MBA Foundation Courses

The MBA Foundation Courses are a set of four intensive online courses that are meant to prepare non-business students for the MBA program. Credits earned for MBA Foundation Courses cannot be applied toward the 36 credits required for the MBA program.

MBAF 510Foundations of Business Statistics3
MBAF 520Foundations of Financial and Managerial Accounting3
MBAF 530Foundations of Economics3
MBAF 540Foundations of Organizational and Operational Management3

MBA Program Learning Goals

By the completion of the MBA program, students will:

  • Gain experience in analytical decision making and risk management
  • Develop an understanding of leadership
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for ethical behavior in business
  • Gain knowledge about organizations and the competitive environment
  • Partake in experiential learning for career development
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