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Application and Admission

The application process varies by program and is described in their respective sections of the Catalog. For all programs, official transcripts sent from each school attended are required for formal enrollment into the program.  Applicants who file an application before the baccalaureate degree has been conferred may be accepted pending the successful completion of their undergraduate coursework. A final transcript must be received before registering for graduate courses. The Office of Graduate Admissions will access final transcripts for undergraduate applicants from Manhattan College. International applicants who were educated outside of the United States for their undergraduate and/or graduate degree must provide a course-by-course evaluation report (which should be inclusive of official transcripts) provided by one of the agencies listed on the NACES websiteThe application fee is non-refundable. All documents submitted in support of ones application cannot be returned to the applicant, nor can they be duplicated for any purpose. All documents received are part of the records of the College. 

Applicants should be aware that the courses listed under each program are not offered every year but are offered in a cycle over a five-year period, which is the time allotted for the completion of all degree requirements.

Because the majority of students matriculating for the degree are attending on a part-time basis, it is not always possible to indicate the academic session when each course is expected to be offered. However, a schedule is posted approximately two months in advance of every session (fall, spring, summer) detailing which courses are to be offered, the days, times, rooms and professors.

The College reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of the courses, costs or programs listed in this catalog, to cancel any course or program for which it deems registration insufficient, usually less than ten registrants, to make any other changes which it considers necessary or desirable.

Change of Matriculation Status 

Students who are academically qualified to be admitted to Manhattan College, can take up to twelve graduate level credits without the intention of earning a degree at Manhattan College. Applicants wishing to enroll as non-matriculated students must apply and meet the requirements of graduate admission.

Applicants that apply to a degree program who do not qualify for matriculated status may be admitted as a non-matriculated student.  The student must, in turn, demonstrate adequate preparation and motivation to pursue the program of studies for which they have applied. 

Students changing from a non-matriculated status to a matriculated status will need to apply to their intended advanced certificate or degree program and meet those admission standards. 

Deferment for newly admitted students 

Admitted students that are unable to begin their academic studies can defer their admission for up to one academic year, by submitting a written request to the office of graduate admissions and paying their enrollment deposit. 

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six credits for graduate courses completed at another institution prior to matriculation at Manhattan College may be granted if the courses are equivalent to those required at Manhattan College. The courses must have been taken within the five-year period prior to acceptance as a matriculated student and have been awarded the grade of B or better. Request for such transfer credit must be made at the time of filing the application for admission. In general, credits that have been used to earn one degree may not be applied to the degree requirements of another degree. Courses accepted for transfer credit will be noted on the Manhattan College academic record. However, the grades will not be counted in the Manhattan College grade point average.

Off-Campus Credit

It is understood that all courses for the degree must be taken at Manhattan College. For compelling reasons and in rare instances, however, a student may secure permission to earn a maximum of six transfer graduate credits at another institution transferable to the Manhattan College record. Written permission to take such work must be obtained by the student in advance from the chair or director and the dean of the school. When such a course is completed, the student must arrange for an official transcript to be mailed or delivered electronically by the institution where the course was taken to the office of the program director or the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled and must pay the "Off-Campus Courses" fee per course before the course is entered on the student's academic record by the Office of the Registrar. Only courses which have earned a B grade or better are transferable. A student who was granted six transfer credits on admission is not eligible for any further transfer of credits during their matriculation.


Students are required to officially register for each session in which they will be in attendance. Payment must be provided in advance of the time of registration.

Online registration is available through the Self-Service system by logging onto the site. Students may also register in person or by mail. Dates and instructions for registration will be included with the graduate schedule of courses published online and available in advance by the Office of the Registrar or by the program director.

Late registration will not be accepted. Enrollment in a course is considered final after the first scheduled class in the fall or spring term and after the first two class meetings in the summer session.

Maintenance of Matriculations

Students not in attendance during a semester must inform their program director and register for "Maintenance of Matriculation" in the spring and the fall semesters.

Reinstatement Following Withdrawal

A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from the College may apply for reinstatement. In order to return to the College from a withdrawn status, a student must make a request in writing to his or her Dean at least eight weeks before the beginning of the semester to which the student seeks to return. The College reserves the right to require, review and approve documentation that the student is qualified and ready to return to academic work.

In the case of a voluntary withdrawal for medical/psychological reasons or any administrative withdrawal under this policy related to a physical or mental health condition, the student must submit a written progress assessment from a treating health professional as part of the request for reinstatement. The Director of Counseling and Health Services may require a release from the student to discuss current treatment and follow-up needs with the treating health professional, in order to assess whether the student is qualified and ready to return to the College and whether the College can provide the follow-up care needed to maintain the student’s enrollment. The Director of Counseling and Health Services approves the return of all students who have withdrawn or been withdrawn for medical or psychological reasons.

Students who are reinstated following a withdrawal from college will comply with the degree requirements of the catalog in effect when they are reinstated.

Termination of Matriculation

The dean of the school, on the recommendation of the graduate program director, may terminate the matriculation of any student who fails to make sufficient progress towards the degree or to cancel a student's registration if the student is registered for courses for which the student does not have the prerequisites.

Candidates for the degree not in attendance for two calendar years will have their matriculation terminated. To reactivate their matriculation, these candidates must receive permission from the dean of the respective school. Such candidates will need to reapply, by resubmitting all documents required under the current admissions process. They will also be required to meet all current degree requirements within the five-year period from the beginning of the semester of matriculation. If this is not possible, the candidate may have to complete additional courses and current degree requirements.