Global Business Studies

Dr. Carolyn Predmore
Director of the Program

This program seeks to develop in the student a thorough and rigorous global perspective and understanding of the international environment and markets. Such understanding is essential for any American business person who competes domestically and in the international arena. This field is interdisciplinary in nature and includes studies in economics, finance, marketing, management and government. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in the international phase of business or government may pursue it only as a minor. Proficiency in a foreign language is strongly recommended.


Global Business Studies

Students in the School of Business who wish to minor in Global Business Studies must take:

Select two of the following courses:6
Multinational Finance
International Marketing
Management of International Business
International Economics
GLBL 414International Field Study Seminar (required)3
Total Credits9


GLBL 414. International Field Study Seminar. 3 Credits.

A program designed to access the impact of the foreign environment on the international firm. Seminars will be conducted at home and abroad. Students will visit selected companies in a foreign country in January. (Participants are responsible for the cost of travel, lodging, meals and miscellaneous expenses.) Open to students approved by the instructor.

GLBL 470. Independent Study: International Business. 3 Credits.

A program of supervised reading and research under the direction of a member of the Department. Topics and methods of research are to be developed in consultation with the supervising professor. Open to qualified students who meet the departmental requirements and have the approval of the Department Chair and the Dean.

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