Tuition and Fees

The uncertainty of present-day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the right to increase tuition and fees whenever necessary. In applying for admission, students and their families should anticipate future annual increases. Such changes will be formally announced in advance.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

A. Full Time Students

Full time students register for 12 or more credits per semester.

Tuition Charges per Semester

Fee Amount
All students 2017-2018 $19,100

Program Fees per Semester

Fee Amount
Arts, Education $720
Business $850
Science $910
Engineering $1,430
Overcredit Charges* per credit hour

B. Part Time Students, 2017-2018

Part time students in day, evening or special (January and Summer) sessions register for less than 12 credits per semester.

Fee Amount
Tuition Charges per Credit Hour $980

C. Room and Board Fee, per Semester, 2017-2018

Room and Board Standard Room Occupancy with the following plans:

Fee Amount
Double Room/Unlimited Plan + $50 DDs + $25 JDs/Sem* $7,800
OV Plan-4 Meals/wk +$640 DDs +160 JDs/Sem $7,350
Single Room Surcharge $2,450
12-Month Housing (add-on to Standard plan) $3,400

D. One-Time Fees

Fee Amount
Application $75
Student Acceptance Deposit (Credited toward Matriculation) Commuter $500
Student Acceptance Deposit (Credited toward Matriculation) Resident $900
Resident deposit includes Damage Deposit (Refundable upon completion of contract and abscence of damage to dormitory facilities) $300
Graduation (Charged upon achieving Senior status - 90 credits) $400
Matriculation $350
Orientation Fee-All First Time Students $325

E. Other Fees

Fee Amount
Non-matriculation - per registration $190
Monthly Payment Plan Charge (per semester) $60
Late payment charge (per month overdue balance) 1%
Returned Check Charge $25
Student Engagement Fee- per semester $260
Health Services Fee - per semester $80
Physical Education May Camp $1,240
Transcript - per copy $5
Off-Campus Course $170
Information Services Fee (Resident) - per semester $340
Information Services Fee (Non Resident) - per semester (undergraduate) $200
Room Reservation Deposit (advanced each Spring term to secure plan in dorm $400
Study Abroad Fee $550
Electronic Portfolio Fee (Task Stream) $40

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance 2017-2018

Manhattan College establishes a full cost of attendance (COA) budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal, miscellaneous expenses. Only the amounts for tuition and fees and on-campus residence will appear on your billing statement, but the other expenses are calculated into the student expense budget for the purpose of establishing need and awarding aid.

Annual Cost of Attendance* - Commuter, 2017-2018

Fee Amount
Tuition $38,200
Program Fee (average) $1,850
Health Services Fee $160
Information Services Fee $400
Student Engagement Fee $520
Matriculation Fee $350
Orientation Fee $325
Books $1,200
Miscellaneous $1,200
Transportation $1,200
Room and Board Allowance $2,500
Total Budget $47,905

Annual Cost of Attendance* - Resident, 2017-2018

Fee Amount
Tuition $38,200
Program Fee (average) $1,850
Room and Board $15,600
Health Services Fee $160
Information Services Fee $680
Student Engagement Fee $520
Matriculation Fee $350
Orientation Fee $325
Dorm Damage Deposit $300
Books $1,200
Miscellaneous $1,200
Transportation $900
Total Budget $61,285
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