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The Graduate Division of Manhattan College has for its primary purpose the offering of programs leading to academic and professional degrees through a coherent series of courses, discussions, seminars and independent studies or investigations, assisting the student to acquire an introduction into the mastery of knowledge, creative scholarship and basic research in a specific discipline.

The Graduate Division seeks to serve the American and International community by offering programs in professional areas, affording men and women the opportunity of acquiring a broader and deeper acquaintance with one field of knowledge, of learning the methods of productive scholarship, and of advanced study in their professions.

The Graduate Division seeks to provide the academic and professional needs for those who are already engaged in a profession as teachers, engineers, or those who having completed their undergraduate preparation desire to enter immediately into advanced study.

Because many of its students are pursuing a profession, the Graduate Division provides the opportunity of achieving the master degree on a part-time basis. It is possible to pursue full-time graduate study in most programs. The courses are generally conducted in the late afternoons, early evenings and Saturdays during the fall and spring sessions. The schedule will vary with the degree program. In general, Education courses are offered in the late afternoon and Engineering courses in the evenings.