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Study Abroad Opportunities

Manhattan College encourages students to enhance their education through Study Abroad programs. In order to participate in such a program, a student must generally have a minimum cumulative index of 2.75 (some programs require 3.00). Students generally take a semester or a year abroad in their junior year, and occasionally in first semester of senior year. Participation in Study Abroad in second semester of senior year may interfere with graduating on time. Several short-term, faculty lead programs are available also during January intersession and during the summer.

The College offers Study Abroad opportunities in many countries, including Manhattan’s own programs at the University of Madrid, at the Istituto Europeo in Florence, and at AIE in Buenos Aires.  Exchange programs are available at the Universities of Paris (through MICEFA), LaSalle University of Mexico City and LaSalle University of Barcelona, Spain. Study Abroad programs are also available through our partnership with the colleges and universities of LaSallian International Programs Consortium and the Lower Hudson Valley Catholic College and University Consortium.

All foreign study programs must be approved by the Dean of the School in which the student is enrolled and the Dean of Students, in consultation with the Director of Study Abroad Programs. Further information is available through the Study Abroad Office.