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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (2023-2024)*

Regular Fees*

Fee Amount
Application for all students (nonrefundable) $75
Information Services Fee (per term) (For students enrolled in 1-4 credits) $100
Information Services Fee (per term) (For students enrolled in 5-8 credits) $310
Information Services Fee (per term) (For students enrolled in 9 or more credits) $520
Information Services Fee_Resident surcharge (per term) $220
Graduation Tuition per credit - O'Malley School of Business $1,310
Graduation Tuition per credit - School of Health Professionals $1,120
Graduation Tuition per credit - School of Engineering $1,270
Graduate Tuition per credit- Kakos School of Science $1,270
Graduate Tuition per credit-School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) $1,030
Tuition per credit for Undergraduate prerequisite courses $1,360
Tuition per credit for Business Bridge/ Foundation Courses $655
Tuition per credit for Engineering Bridge/Foundation Courses $635
Student Health Insurance ** Annual Charge $2,391

Special Fees*

Fee Amount
Non-Matriculation Fee (per semester) $240
Returned check charge $25
Off-campus courses transfer credit $190
Deferral Fee $100
Each transcript of record from Registrar $5
Finance charge (per month on overdue balance) 1%

Subject to change


Student Health Insurance will be assessed to all international students, resident students and students participating in intercollegiate athletics.  The charge can be waived if proof of existing comparable coverage is submitted and approved by the insurance provider. 

Students enrolled in any 5-year program as an undergraduate student should contact the Office of Student Accounts and Bursar Services for guidance on the correct terms and conditions of tuition and aid.