Credit Hour

A  new structured schedule has been instituted in the fall 2013 semester.

During the fall and spring semesters, each class shall meet for at least 50 minutes per week per credit hour. Thus, a three credit course shall meet for at least 150 minutes each week through three 50 minute periods, two 75 minute periods or one 150 minute period.

After the last scheduled class of each semester and during the final exam period scheduled by the Registrar, each class shall have at least 150 minutes of class contact time. This contact time may be used for a final exam or, as appropriate: final project or papers including reflective papers; presentations or other recitations; annotated anthologies; poster sessions; annotated portfolios; fact sheets; question banks; memorandum or briefs; or other instructor supervised activities.

Credit for Off-Campus Courses

The College will normally not accept credit for off-campus courses to fulfill core or major requirements, or for prerequisite or sequential course requirements. Ordinarily, students who have achieved junior or senior status will not be permitted to take courses at two-year junior or community colleges. Credit for courses taken at other institutions by matriculated students of Manhattan College will be recognized under the following conditions:

  1. Written permission to take such courses is obtained in advance from the Dean of the student’s School.
  2. The required form and transcript are filed with the Registrar and the required fee is paid to the Bursar.
  3. The grade received at the other institution is equivalent to or higher than the Manhattan College grade of C. Grades earned at other institutions will not be transferred to the student’s record at Manhattan College.



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