Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Students are required to fulfill all course requirements as detailed in the course syllabi for their registered courses. Implicit in these requirements is completion of all course assignments and attendance in all classes.

 A student who is absent from class cannot expect the course instructor to provide notes or allow makeup tests, quizzes, or laboratories.  The student may incur an appropriate grading penalty for such absences if the penalty was described in the syllabus. Reasonable accommodations for absences are recommended, but are solely at the discretion of the course instructor.

If the instructor believes that a student’s failure to attend class is substantially affecting the student’s course grade, then the instructor is strongly encouraged to report the situation to the dean of the school in which the student is matriculated.  It is recommended that the dean be contacted by the course instructor after the student incurs four hours of absences in a course.  The dean will address the situation with the student.

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