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Administrative Officers & Staff

As of August 1st, 2024, for the most recent listing, please view the College Directory.

The President's Office

Milo Riverso, Ph.D., P.E., President (2023-)

Barbara Herlihy,  B.S., Executive Assistant, President's Office (2011-)

James G. Ryan, J.D., Vice President and General Counsel (2022-)

Jamie Walsh, B.S., Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Counsel (2011-)

Goldie Adele, J.D., Chief Compliance Officer (2021-)

Rebecca Mohan, M.A., Title IX Coordinator (2023-)

Academic Affairs

Rani Roy, Ph.D., Interim Provost (2012-)

Anne Morrison, M.A., Executive Assistant to Provost (2002-)

Edward Dee, Ph.D., Director of Assessment (2020-)

Brendan Considine, M.P.A., Director of Grants Administration (2019-)

Tiffany French, M. A., Senior Institutional Research Analyst (2014-)

Marcy A. Kelly., Ph.D., Dean School of Kakos School of Science  (2022-)

Bridget Chalk., Ph.D., Associate Dean of Kakos School of Arts & Sciences  (2010 - )

Kelly Daggett, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry Labs, (2012-)

Hany Guirguis, Ph.D.,  Interim Dean of O'Malley School of Business (2001 -)

Aileen Farrelly, M.S., C.P.A., Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor for O'Malley  School of Business (2011-)

Anirban De, Ph.D., P.E., Interim Dean School of Engineering (2008-)

Andrew Burns, M.Sc., Executive Director, Centralized Advising, Title V Project Manager (2017-)

Lisa Juncaj, M.S., Centralized Advising (1998-)

Rhonda Shuler, B.A., Centralized Academic Advisor  (2002-)

Erica Reubel, M.B.A., Centralized Academic Advisor (2003-)

Charmaine Whitter-White, M.S., Centralized Academic Advisor  (2005-)

Angie Thrapsimis, M.A., Centralized Academic Advisor (2007-)

Wendy Aleman, M.Ed. Centralized Academic Advisor (2024-)

Jason Maloney, M.S., Data Analyst, Title V (2022-)

Joseph Berger, Supervisor for Technical Computer Support Group for the School of Engineering (1980-)

William H. Walters, Ph.D.,  Executive Director for the O'Malley Library (2014-)

Sarah Sheehan, M.S.L.S., M.Ed., Director for the O'Malley Library for Reference and Instruction (2016-)

Susanne Markgren, M.F.A., M.L.I.S, Director of Operations for the O'Malley Library, Technical Services (2016-)   

Laurin Paradise, M.L.I.S., Digital Humanities and Research Librarian for the O'Malley Library (2017-)   

Brendon Ford, Interlibrary Loan Manager and Systems Specialist for the  O'Malley Library (2004-)      

Amy Surak, M.A., Director for Archives and Special Collections (2002-)

Kimberly Jones Woodruff, M.S., Director for Instructional Design  (2011-)

Blair Goodlin, Jr., Ph.D., Instructional Designer (2015-)

Mia Cardenas, M. Ed. Director School of Continuing and Professional Studies (2022-)

Kimberly Gargiulo, M.A., Quality Assurance Manager for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (2019-)

Angela Oliveira, M.P.A., Program Director for Radiation Therapy Technology for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (2022-)

Victoria Humann, B.B.A. Clinical Coordinator Radiation Technology (2023-)

Joseph Ruggiero. B.A., Producer/Director for Communication (2019-)

Ann Clarkson, M.A., Executive Director of Online Learning (2024-)

Edgar Zavala, Ed.D., Director for Non-Credit Programs (2018-)

Elena M. Caminito, M.A., Director of HEOP  (1989-)

Costin Thampitkutty, M.A., Senior Assistant Director of C-STEP (2022-)

Kelly Katsigris, M.S., Success @ Manhattan Assistant Director  (2022-)

Paulett Esteban, B.A., CSTEP Manager (2022-)

Gabriel Bautista, B.B.A., CSTEP / HEOP Program Manager (2023-)

Juanita Pacheco, M.B.A.,  Director, Accommodations  for Academic Services (2017-)

Melinda Wilson, Ph.D., Director, Center for Academic Success (2024-)

Katherine Torode, M.S., Assistant Director Student-Athlete Advisement for the Center for Academic Success (2020-)

Raven Cordner, B.A., Student Athlete-Advisor for the Center for Academic Success (2022-)

Information Technology

Melvin Lasky, M.S.,  Chief Information Officer  (2011-)

Kevin Clancy, M.B.A., Deputy Chief Information Officer (2014-)

Jason Caban, M.S., Associate Director for Enterprise Applications (2001-)

John McCabe, B.S., Chief Information Security Officer (2012-)

Richard Musal, M.A., IT Training (2003-)

Yony Fernandez, B.A., Director of Web Applications, Collaboration (2017-)

Eileen McIntyre, M.B.A.,  Helpdesk Manager (1987-)

Kwasi Bodkin, M.S., IT Support Specialist of Client Service Operations (2019-)

Ian Healy, B.S., System Network Administrator (2022-)

Magdalen Michalczyk, M.S., System Administrator (2017-)

Jazmine Matthews, M.S., Programmer Analyst (2020-)

Alberto De Angelis, M.S., Jr. Database Administrator (2020-)

Cristian Simoni, B.S., IT Programmer/Analyst I (2023 -)

Theresa McDonough, ITS Operations Manager ( 2015-)

Michael Fulton, B.A., Senior Web Developer (2024-)

Dennis Peitler, System Administrator-Desktop (2024-)

Enrollment Management

Karen Vahey, Ed.D., Vice President for Enrollment Management (2023-)

Melissa Booth, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management (2022-)

Benjamin Boivin, M.B.A., Director of Admissions (2022-)

Evelyn Orellana, B.A., Associate Director for Admissions (2016-)

Christopher Fonte, M.B.A., Assistant Director for Admissions (2022-)

Brad R. Allison, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Graduate Admissions (2023-)

Fatima Reda, B.S., Assistant Director for Enrollment Management  (2014-)

Helene Quezada, B.B.A.,  Assistant Director, Military and Veteran Recruiting (2018- )

Jose De La Cruz, B.S., Admissions Counselor (2021-)

Angely Morillo, B.S., Admissions Counselor (2022-)

Elena Kreatsoulas, B.A., Transfer Admissions Counselor (2022-)

Kristen Cuppek, M.A., Director for Publications and Editorial Services (2002-)

Tracy Turner, B.A., Senior Graphic Designer (2020-)

Griffin Price, B.S., Director for Web Communications (2023-)

Melissa Battaglia M.B.A., Assistant Director for Web Communications (2022-)

Cecilia Donohoe, M.A., Assistant Director for Editorial Services (2019-)

Christine Zeiger, B.S., Web Strategy Specialist (2017-)

Ryan Werner, M.A., Digital Media Producer (2022-)

Student Life

John Bennett, M.A., Assistant Vice President/Student Engagement (2009 -)

Eric Rivera, M.S., Director of Residence Life (2024-)

Jonathan Goldenberg, M.A., Area Coordinator (2023-)

Gracelyn Yeboah, B.S., Area Coordinator (2023-)

Sharon Jimenez, M.B.A., Assistant Dean of Students & Assistant Director of Student Development (2013-)

Andrew Bauer, M.A., Director for Performing Arts, (2012-)

Leony Anne McKeown M.S., Associate Director for Employer Relations (2022-)

Kathleen Gomez, M.A., STEM Career Counselor (2023-) 

Carol Ciancutti , M.S., M.A., Director for Counseling/Health Services (2024-)

Christin Nedumchira, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist for Counseling/Health Services ( 2013-)

Briana Azzarelli, L.M.S.W., Staff Counselor for Counseling/Health Services (2019-)

Adrienne Bilello, M.S., AOD Counselor ( 2023 - )

Julian Egan, Operations Manager, Counseling Center ( 2018-)

Anne Mavor, M.S.N., Director for Health of Health Services (2018-)

Carl Franzetti, M.D., College Physician (2003-)

Carolyn McKay, M.S.N., Nurse Practitioner, (2019-)

Michele Reyes, B.S., Assistant Director of Operations & Special Projects (2008-)

David Erosa, M.S., Associate Director for Public Safety (2008-)

Charles Lippolis, M.S., Manager for One Card Office & Special Projects (2011-)

Irma Garcia, M.S., Director for Intercollegiate Athletics (2023-)

Anthony Kurtin, M. Ed., Deputy Athletics Director (2023-)

Ann Gulino ,B.S., Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Student Development (2024-)

Kira Mordvinov, B.A.,  Assistant Director of NCAA Compliance ( 2023 -)

Jahangir Ahmed, M.P.A., Assistant  Athletic Director (2018-)

Toni-Anne Lawrence, M.S. Assistant Athletic Director (2022-)

Peter Ferretti, M.S., Assistant Athletic Trainer (2002-)

Business and Finance

James Perrino, B.B.A., Vice President for Finance / Chief Financial Officer (2023-)

Anne Marie Colon, Executive Assistant to the Vice Presidents for Finance & Facilities (2013-)

Michael Mulrooney, M.S., Executive Director of Jasper Central (2024-)

Christina Cardinale, M.S., Senior Associate Director Student Accounts & Bursar Services (2001-)

Nancy D. Hesselbacher, M.B.A., Student Account  Analyst  (2011-)

Debra McGuinness, B.S., Student Accounts Manager & Bursar Services (2013-)

Werner Haberman, B.A., Senior Assistant Director/Financial Aid Operations (2017-)

Allyson Fucci, M.S., Sr. Associate Director, Institutional Aid  (2014-)

Deanna Cruz, M.B.A., Senior  Assistant Director/Pell Coordinator (2012-)

Carla Fraser, B.S.,  Associate Registrar (1999-)

Narda Romero, B.B.A., Controller (2024-)

Joseph Pelio, M.B.A., Associate Controller (2022-) 

James Grate, B.A., Director Financial Planning and Analysis (2024-) 

Wayne Flavien, M.S., Internal Auditor (2024-)

Marian O'Connor, M.S., Grants Accountant (2012-)

Bruce Fox, B.B.A., Accountant (2022-) 

Suzana Kumbullaj, M.S., Accountant (2023-) 

Eileen Duarte, B.B.A, Assistant Controller, Payroll Operations Mgr. (2010-)

Kristine Ianniello, Assistant Payroll Manager (2019-)

Matthew Hyland, Director of Procurement (2023-) 

Edward Fernandez, Manager for Mailroom and Receiving (1995-)

Michele Famularo, B.P.S., Director of Events and Conference Services (2014-)

Gail A. Conklin, Assistant Director of Office Events & Conference Services (1993-)

Adam Maldonado, B.S., Coordinator of  Office Events & Conference Services (2022 - )

Human Resources

Meredith Gatzke, M.S., Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer (2024-)

Eileen Armstrong, Executive Director for Benefits & Compensation (2005-)

Nicole Miller, M.S., Associate Director of HRIS and Compliance (2020-)

Rose M. Doyle, B.B.A., Human Resources Manager (2017-)

Facilities Management

Craig Collins, B.S., Vice President for Facilities and Capital Projects (2022-)

College Advancement

Thomas Mauriello, M.S., Senior Vice President for College Advancement (2006-)

Pauline Spitzer, Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for College Advancement (2022-)

Stephen White, M.S., Assistant Vice President for Advancement  (2007-)

Elizabeth Plaushin, J.D., Director for Planned Giving (2019 -)

Michele Galioto, B.A., Director of Major Gifts (2022-)

Nicholas Lakoumentas, M.B.A., Manager for Prospect Research (2013-)

Debra Reich, M.B.A., Director of Annual Giving (2022-)

Claudia Cardona, B.A., Assistant Director for Advancement Series (2015-)

Barry Moskowitz, M.A., Development Writer (2018-)

Kevin Courtney, B.A., Director for Capital Campaign (2016-)

Frederick Lash, M.A., Major Gifts Officer (2017-)

Louis Calvelli, M.S., Director for Alumni Relations (2017-)

Elizabeth Myers, M.A., Assistant Director for Alumni Relations (2024-)

Dates in parentheses indicate years of service in the College and not necessarily appointment to the current position.