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Programs of Study

Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards. The following courses of study are registered and approved by The New York State Education Department:

School of Liberal Arts

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
1003 Art History B.A.
0601 Communications B.A.
1001 Digital Media Art B.A.
2204 Economics B.A.
1501 English B.A.
4999 Environmental Studies B.A.
1102 French B.A.
4901 General Studies B.S.
2205 History B.A.
2210 International Studies B.A.
0516 Labor Studies B.A.
4903 Peace & Justice Studies B.A.
1509 Philosophy B.A.
2207 Political Science B.A.
2001 Psychology B.A./B.S.
1510 Religious Studies B.A.
2208 Sociology B.A.
1099 Sound Studies B.A.
1105 Spanish B.A.
2214 Urban Affairs B.A.

Areas of Concentration: Computer Science, Economics, English, Government, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology

O'Malley School of Business

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
0502 Accounting B.S.
0503 Business Analytics B.S.
0701 Computer Information Systems B.S.
2204 Economics B.S.
0504 Finance B.S.
0506 Management B.S.
0509 Marketing B.S.
0501 Business Administration B.S.

School of Education & Health

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
1299 Allied Health B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: Biology B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: Chemistry B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: English B.A.
0802 Childhood Ed: French B.A.
0802 Childhood Ed: General Science B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: General Studies B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: Math B.S.
0802 Childhood Ed: Psychology B.A.
0802 Childhood Ed: Social Studies B.A.
0802 Childhood Ed: Spanish B.A.
0835 Physical Education B.S.
1299 Exercise Science B.S.
0808 Adolescent Education B.S.
0401 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Biology *B.S.
1905 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Chemistry *B.S.
1501 Adol. Ed: Teacher of English *B.A.
1102 Adol. Ed: Teacher of French *B.A.
1701 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Mathematics *B.S.
1902 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Physics *B.S.
2201 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Social Studies B.A.
1105.01 Adol. Ed: Teacher of Spanish *B.A.
0803 Adol. Education B.A.
1214 Public Health B.S.

School of Engineering

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
0906 Chemical Engineering B.S.
0908 Civil Engineering B.S.
0999 Computer Engineering B.S.
0909 Electrical Engineering B.S.
0910 Mechanical Engineering B.S.

School of Science

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
0414 Biochemistry B.A./B.S.
0401 Biology B.A./B.S.
1905 Chemistry B.A./B.S.
0701 Computer Science B.A./B.S.
0420 Environmental Science B.A./B.S.
1701 Mathematics B.A./B.S.
1902 Physics B.A./B.S.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Hegis Code Major Areas of Study Degrees Granted
1299 Allied Health B.S.
2299 Organizational Leadership B.S.
5649 General Studies A.S.
1225 Radiological and Health Professions B.S.