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Student Life

Division of Student Life Mission Statement

In keeping with the College’s mission, the Division of Student Life partners with our faculty colleagues in providing students with a contemporary, person-centered educational experience that facilitates students’ personal development, professional success, civic engagement and service to their fellow human beings. The Division accomplishes this through programs and services that challenge and support students in order to create an educational environment conducive to student learning. In seeking to provide a transformative educational experience, we recognize that effective learning occurs in a variety of settings and contexts, both inside and outside the classroom. For this reason, we assist students through fostering connections that enable their intellectual, spiritual, physical, vocational and cultural development.

In keeping with our Lasallian Catholic heritage, the Division challenges and supports students by providing a safe, healthy, engaged and respectful living and learning community that embraces diversity and celebrates our unity in being created in the image of God. Members of the Student Life Division accomplish this by working in a highly collaborative manner together and by association with all campus constituents and institutional stakeholders.  


The work of the Student Life Division will contribute to the College’s strategic vision by providing co-curricular opportunities and services that prepare students to be informed, resilient, faith-filled and compassionate individuals. Students begin the process of discovering their vocational and leadership potential through these endeavors. In providing a person-centered educational experience we help students understand, reflect on and transform their lives and the world around them.


The Division embraces and puts into daily practice the Lasallian core values:

Respect for all persons

We honor and respect the dignity of all individuals as persons created in the image of God.

Quality education

We engage in quality education together as students, staff and faculty by thinking critically and examining our world in light of faith.

Faith in the presence of God

We believe in the living presence of God in our students, in our community and our world.

Concern for the poor and social justice

We are in solidarity with the poor and marginalized and advocate for those suffering from injustices.

Inclusive community

We celebrate diversity and welcome all members to our community.