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Residence Life

Manhattan’s residence life program has two purposes: to support student learning and to provide opportunities for students to create community in their own residence hall and throughout the College community. They create supportive friendships for their time on campus, many of which will last a lifetime.

Manhattan College offers five distinctive residence halls, all conveniently close to the center of campus. Our coed halls are much more than comfortable dorms to sleep and study in, they’re also home to a tight-knit Lasallian community where you’ll develop close friendships and enjoy a wide network of support.

Our dedicated professional staff, along with students serving as Resident Assistants (RAs) help to create a safe and enjoyable living atmosphere. They strive to assist our students’ growth and to achieve our expectations of respect and civility.

Types of Housing Available 

Suite-Style Living 

Horan and Lee Halls both offer suite-style living where you'll share a bathroom with your roommates, but not the entire floor. 

Traditional Community Living 

Jasper and Chrysostom are traditional-style dorms where two students share a bedroom and everyone on the floor shares a bathroom. Chrysostom houses freshman only. 

Apartment-Style Living

Overlook is an apartment building located two blocks off campus. Each unit has a full kitchen and private bathroom(s). 

The Arches 

The Arches program is a learning and living community for freshmen. Students live together in a residence hall and take one class each semester of their freshmen year that is specifically designed for the Arches program, which incorporates cultural excursions and service projects. In addition, special events and activities are offered to Arches students, so they can bond, develop a sense of community, and create lasting friendships with peers, faculty and coordinators. 

Manhattan College Residency Requirement

The residential community at Manhattan College provides students with a strong foundation for success, developing connections, and achieving full immersion into the College experience.  As such, all full-time undergraduate students who enter Manhattan College in the Fall 2019 semester and thereafter are required to live on campus for the first two years of their College experience, with the opportunity to live off-campus after achieving junior status (60 credits) and two full years of college enrollment.

That is, beginning with students who enter Manhattan College in the Fall 2019 semester, all full-time freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus unless the student:

  • Is planning to reside at the home of their parent/guardian within commuting distance of the campus and reside at their legal residence
  • Is 23 years of age or older at the start of the academic year
  • Is married
  • Has a dependent child
  • Has been a veteran of at least two years of active military duty
  • Transfers to the college from another 2-year or 4-year college or university
  • Has completed a four-year undergraduate degree or is participating in a graduate program

Exemptions to this policy must be applied for on or before February 28 by continuing students.  Incoming students may apply for an exemption on or before June 1st or at the time of their deposit to the College.  Students who meet the above requirements in the middle of a housing contract period are subject to the terms and conditions of the housing contract and will incur any penalties found therein.

Students who are on track for 60 credits and two full years of College enrollment remain eligible to live on campus and may opt to do so through the regular housing selection process.  Students who have completed the two-year residency requirement and have 60 completed credits must provide Manhattan College their off-campus housing location for the following year by August 1st.