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Computer Facilities

A wide variety of computing resources are available to Manhattan College students, faculty, and staff via JasperNet, the college's campus-wide network. JasperNet deploys wired and wireless computing and information services to campus laboratories, classrooms, and offices, as well as to student residence halls. Computer labs running Microsoft Windows 10 are available across the Manhattan College campus.  See more information about computer labs.

All campus locations are connected via a multi-gigabit backbone network. JasperNet provides many network based applications and services including online courses and web based storage as well as E-mail, Internet access, and laser printing in the laboratories. A wide range of software is available including math and statistical packages (Maple, MathCad, MatLab, SPSS, Excel), compilers (C++ & Visual Studio), databases (Access, SQL), word processors (MS Word), presentation graphics (PowerPoint), multimedia authoring (Adobe Design Premium), as well as department-specific applications (E.g. Abaqus & AutoCad). See list of software available in computer labs for more information.  JasperNet provides full ethernet connectivity to students in all of the College's residence halls. Students living in these networked buildings can connect their own networkable devices directly to JasperNet.

A dedicated Website for the College – – is maintained by the Information Technology Services Department and supports pages of information including online catalogs, handbooks, and policies. Some faculty members maintain web pages for their courses on the server supported by a separate file server to facilitate the posting of online courseware. The Information Technology Services Department also provides online support, documentation, and other services via their web site:

Computing laboratories are equipped for digital projection and many are used as hands-on classrooms. Laptop computers with projection capabilities are used by instructors for demonstrations purposes in other classrooms throughout the campus which are linked to JasperNet.

Computer Laboratory Hours:

Research & Learning Center

Day Time
Monday-Friday 8:00am - 10:30pm
Weekends 10:00am - 5:30pm

De La Salle CIS Lab

Day Time
Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

 O'Malley Library Computing Labs

Day Time
Sunday-Saturday 24/7