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Health Services

Health Services

Health Services provides medical care for common health problems, including: episodic illnesses, injuries, blood pressure checks, vision screenings, suture removal, and a variety of other health-related services. In addition, the staff facilitates referrals to off-campus health care providers when necessary. No cost services by our nurse practitioners and physician are available to all undergraduate students. If a student requires outside services, such as laboratory, x-rays, Urgent care, Emergency Care, etc., the student will be responsible for payment to that provider of services.

Health Services is located in Horan Hall, Room 218. The office is open during the academic year Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The College Physician is on campus for limited hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students are advised to call for an appointment (718-862-7217). 

A list of nearby off campus providers is available on the Health Service's website for students in need of healthcare when Health Services is closed,. 

Medical Emergencies: Public Safety (718-862-7333) should be contacted immediately for medical emergencies. Public Safety responds to all emergency calls 24 hours a day, notifying Health Services or New York City Emergency Medical Services as appropriate. While every effort will be made to notify parents or guardians in case of serious illness or accidents requiring emergency treatment, it is understood and agreed that even without such notification those concerned give their permission and consent to the College to take such measures as may be deemed necessary.

Immunizations: New York State Law mandates that all students born after January 1, 1957 submit proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella to the College as well as a completed Meningitis Response Form. All students are also required to complete a Tuberculosis Risk Screen. Manhattan College Health Forms are available on the website. Immunization records may generally be obtained from the student’s private physician or previous educational institution. Faxed copies (to 718-862-7797) are acceptable if they are clear and legible. If a student cannot obtain his/her immunization records, s/he may arrange to have a blood titer test to determine immunity. Health Services can assist students with the blood titer test, although the student will be responsible for the laboratory fee. Any student who is having difficulty obtaining the necessary medical records should contact the Health Services staff for assistance (718-862-7217). Immunization compliance matters can generally be resolved quickly once a student requests assistance.

Insurance: Manhattan College requires all full-time undergraduate students, degree-seeking international students, resident students, and Division 1 athletic participants to have health insurance. Students should have health insurance that provides them coverage in New York while they are attending college. Manhattan College students are automatically enrolled in a Student Health Plan unless the student provides proof of insurance to waive the sponsored plan. This waiver is available on the Health Services website.