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College-wide Educational Goals

  Core Compentency   Learning Objective
1 Effective Communication 1.1 communicate ideas in writing based on audience, purpose, and context appropriate to discipline and medium 1.2 communicate ideas orally based on audience, purpose, and context appropriate to discipline
2 Critical Thinking analyze and synthesize information and construct logical arguments to ask appropriate questions, generate ideas and draw proper conclusions
3 Information Literacy evaluate and select information resources, integrate them into original work and cite them appropriately
4 Quantitative Literacy 4.1 interpret quantitative information 4.2 use quantitative methods to solve problems
5 Scientific Literacy 5.1 explain how scientific concepts are generated and evaluated to improve our understanding of the physical world 5.2 evaluate and interpret scientific data
6 Global Awareness 6.1 distinguish both individual and collective differences within and across societies 6.2 analyze the role of positionality and intersectionality within and across cultures over time
7 Religious and Ethical Awareness 7.1 demonstrate knowledge of a range of religious viewpoints, including but not limited to the Catholic intellectual tradition and Lasallian heritage 7.2 demonstrate knowledge of ethical perspectives grounded in a range of philosophical viewpoints

Revised on 12/10/2020