Camino Program

Pamela A. Jimenez

Program Details

The Camino Program at Manhattan College is an academically based two-year Associates degree program in general studies designed to provide academic support and resources to native Spanish-speaking students. Students will reinforce their English skills while acquiring a degree.  Additionally, the student will benefit from tutoring, study groups, and academic counseling to help them succeed at Manhattan College.

Camino students follow the 15-week semester. See the undergraduate calendar.

Upon successfully graduating with an Associates degree, the student will have the opportunity to transfer into a bachelor's degree program at Manhattan College.

Financial Aid

Camino students will be counseled and receive assistance in applying for federal and state aid to study in the Camino Program. In most cases, students who are eligible for full aid will study in the program tuition-free.

Students not eligible for full federal and state aid may need to apply for a loan and/or establish a payment plan with the College to meet tuition and fee costs.

Mission Statement

The Camino Program keeps with the Manhattan College mission of providing contemporary, person-centered, faith-based educational experiences that will provide students with an opportunity to progress and enrich their lives.

Inspired by the five core principles of the Lasallian tradition - faith in the presence of God, respect for all people, quality education, inclusive community, and concern for the poor and social justice - the Camino Program enhances the lives of a diverse population by providing a rigorous liberal arts education. Camino prepares its graduates to continue for a bachelor's degree by providing a dynamic and innovative education while keeping with tradition.

Camino Curriculum

First Year
PSLS 1023PSRL 2173
PSEG 1103PSMT 2213
PSEG 2263PSEE 2073
PSCM 3263PSLS 4013
 12 12
Second Year
PSRL 2743PSRL 3793
PSLS 2753PSEE 2013
PSLS 3683PSEE 3603
PSEE 1413PSPY 2803
 12 12
Third Year
PSLS 3753 
PSEV 4903 
Total Credits: 60
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