Organizational Leadership

Undergraduate Curriculum 

Successful completion of this Program requires that students earn a total of 120 credits. The curriculum for the Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP) consists of a combination of general education and courses in the major. The remaining credits may be earned through transfer (including CLEP) and/or elective courses.


Students will be assigned an academic advisor upon entry into the Program. The Advisor will meet with each assigned student three (3) times annually:Fall, Spring, and Summer. The Advisor will counsel students on academic programming. Students will also be assigned a Thesis Advisor.The Thesis Advisor will guide the student through the thesis process as well as be available for one-on-one meetings.

I. General Education (39 credits)

PSEG 110Writing in the Workplace3
PSRL 237Religions in the Workplace3
PSLS 368Leadership & Literature3
Humanities Elective3
2 Religious Studies Electives6
PSMT 221Statistical Research Methods3
Math Elective3
PSEV 490Environmental Issues3
Science Elective3
PSEC 231Economics3
PSPY 249Industrial Psychology3
PSLW 365Legal Aspects3
PSEG 226Organizational Communication3
Social Science Elective3
Total Credits45

II. Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives (15 Credits)

Liberal arts and sciences comprise the disciplines of the humanities, natural science, mathematics, and social science.

III. Courses in Organizational Leadership (33 Credits)

PSLS 102Learning in Adulthood3
PSLS 111Organizational Change3
PSLS 151Conflict Mgmt & Team Building3
PSCM 371Visual Communications3
PSLS 275Teams & Group Dynamics3
PSCM 326Inter-Cultrual Communication3
PSLS 351Organizational Leadership3
PSLS 375Organizational Ethics3
PSLS 285Capstone Project Preparation1
PSLS 386Capstone Proposal1
PSLS 401Social Issues in the Workplace3
PSLS 450Strategic Planning3
PSLS 487Capstone Project-Final Thesis1
Total Credits33

IV. Open Electives (27 Credits)

Total Credits: 120                                                                

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