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Tuition and Fees

The uncertainty of present-day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the right to increase tuition and fees whenever necessary. In applying for admission, students and their families should anticipate future annual increases. Such changes will be formally announced in advance.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2023-2024

A. Full Time Students

Full time students register for 12 or more credits per semester.

Tuition Charges per Semester

Fee Amount
All students 2023-2024 $23,050

Program Fees per Semester

Fee Amount
Liberal Arts and Division of Education $870
Health Professions $870
O'Malley School of Business $1,040
Kakos School of Science $1,110
Engineering $1,730
Overcredit Charges* $1,360 per credit hour

See section on Overcredits for more detail.

B. Part Time Students, 2023-2024

Part time students in day, evening or special (January and Summer) sessions register for less than 12 credits per semester.

Fee Amount
Tuition Charges per Credit Hour $1,360
Information Services Fee-Part-time students $100

C. School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), per Semester, 2023-2024

Fee Amount
SCPS- Accelerated Bachelors Tuition Per Credit $800
SCPS Information Services Fee $100
SCPS Information Services Fee (Resident additional) $220

D. Room and Board Fee, per Semester, 2023-2024 Room and Board Occupancy with the following plans:

Fee Amount
4-Person Suite/ Double Occupancy Room Unlimited Meal Plan $9,220*
Single Room (Chrysostom Hall) Unlimited Meal Plan $10,400
Double Room Apartment (Horan Hall) Unlimited Meal Plan $10,980
Double Room Apartment (Horan Hall) Apartment Meal Plan $10,480
Single Room Apartment (Horan Hall) Unlimited Meal Plan $12,140
Single Room Apartment (Horan Hall) Unlimited Meal Plan $11,650

Mandatory plan for all incoming freshman

E. One-Time Fees

Fee Amount
Application $75
Student Acceptance Deposit Commuter Undergraduate $500
Student Acceptance Deposit Resident Undergraduate $800
Student Acceptance Deposit Camino $50
Student Acceptance Deposit SCPS Commuter $100
Student Acceptance Deposit SCPS Resident $400
Student Acceptance Deposit Commuter Graduate $100
Student Acceptance Deposit Resident Graduate $400
Resident deposit includes Damage Deposit (Refundable upon completion of contract and abscence of damage to dormitory facilities) $300

F. Other Fees

Fee Amount
Comprehensive Fee - New Students - per semester $1,250
Comprehensive Fee - Continuing Students - per semester $830
Student Health Insurance ** $2,391
Non-matriculation - per registration $240
Monthly Payment Plan Charge (per semester) $50
Late payment charge (per month overdue balance) 1%
Returned Check Charge $25
Physical Education May Camp $1,460
Transcript - per copy $5
Off-Campus Course $190
Room Reservation Deposit (advanced each Spring term to secure plan in dorm $400
Study Abroad/ Away Fee $680
Electronic Portfolio Fee (Task Stream) (per semester) $40

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance 2023-2024

Manhattan College establishes a full cost of attendance (COA) budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal, miscellaneous expenses. Only the amounts for tuition and fees and on-campus residence will appear on your billing statement, but the other expenses are calculated into the student expense budget for the purpose of establishing need and awarding aid.

Annual Cost of Attendance* - Commuter, 2023-2024

Fee Amount
Tuition $46,100
Program Fee (average) $2,250
Comprehensive Fee - New Student $2,500
Books $1,200
Miscellaneous $1,200
Transportation $1,200
Room and Board Allowance $2,500
Total Budget $56,950

Annual Cost of Attendance* - Resident, 2023-2024

Fee Amount
Tuition $46,100
Program Fee (average) $2,250
Room and Board 4-Person or Double Occupancy $18,440
Comprehensive Fee - New Student $2,500
Dorm Damage Deposit $300
Books $1,200
Miscellaneous $1,200
Transportation $900
Total Budget $72,890

G. Camino Program, per Semester, 2023-2024

Fee Amount
Camino Tuition per semester $5,700
Camino Comprehensive Fee per semester $830

Note: COA is an estimate listed for new students entering 2023-2024 using the average of all schools program fees as a representative model. School of enrollment determines the program fee. Consult catalog for the appropriate charge. Adjustments are made for less than full-time status, overcredit charges, and room and board plan selected. Please refer to the Student Accounts and Bursar Services website for a complete COA listing for new and continuing students.


Student Health Insurance will be assessed annually to all full-time students, international students, resident students and students participating in intercollegiate athletics.  The charge can be waived if proof of existing comparable coverage is submitted timely and approved by the insurance provider.