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Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is committed to providing student-centered and student-led programs and initiatives designed to enhance learning and promote success and persistence for all Manhattan College students. Students work collaboratively with qualified peers and professionals to develop knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to thrive in the classroom and beyond. The CAS employs peer tutors, writing consultants, writing fellows, student success mentors, supplemental instructors, professional learning specialists, and an English language specialist, all of whom work to support the academic success and learning experiences of all students. The CAS has two locations on campus: the Writing Center and the Learning Center in Thomas Hall, and the math and engineering tutoring center in Leo Hall.

The Center prides itself on its holistic approach to learning and is proud to offer various programs designed to support the entire student body. We provide tutoring designed to support students with their courses by providing them with content-specific assistance accessed through individual in-person or online tutoring. All peer tutors employed through the CAS meet the highest standards of academic achievement and are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. 

The Manhattan College Supplemental Instruction (SI) program targets traditionally difficult gateway courses and provides regularly scheduled peer-facilitated study groups. SI is an academic assistance program designed to improve student academic performance and increase retention.

Student Success Mentors work with students who want to improve their academic and self-management skills. This program seeks to support students as they strive to reach their academic goals. Each session is collaborative and tailored to the individual student's needs. Student and mentor work together to formulate a plan for academic support and promote self-advocacy.

The Writing Center offers peer-to-peer support on any writing-related assignment or task. Assistance is available for writing assignments from any discipline as well as for any professional writing activities. Our cornerstone practice is one-on-one conferencing with trained writing consultants. We forge intellectual partnerships to work on specific assignments, to increase confidence, and to improve overall writing performance. Our mission is to collaborate with writers from across the academic disciplines to nurture individuals’ unique writing practices, to guide writers to hone their own writing processes, and to cultivate an equitable learning environment. 

The Writing Fellows program matches a trained writing consultant with a section(s) of English 110. Writing Fellows attend their assigned section's class and facilitate writing conferences and workshops for their assigned students. The goal of this program is to support students in this foundational course as they adjust to the expectations of college academic writing and refine their own writing and research processes.

Our Learning Specialists are professional staff members who offer one-on-one support in reading, writing, and STEM disciplines. They meet with students who need assistance adjusting to the rigors of college academics. All sessions are tailored to the student's individual learning needs. Learning Specialists are assigned to students on a referral basis.

Our professional English Language Specialist is available on a referral basis for students seeking instruction and support with the English language.