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Center for Career Development

The mission of the Center for Career Development is to contribute to the educational and professional development of students by helping them discern their vision for what constitutes a meaningful and purpose-driven career. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive, person-centered career counseling, programs, and events that encourage students to consider all career pathways, including graduate school and employment opportunities. We honor the uniqueness of all schools, providing diverse professional opportunities across disciplines and industries. Our approach facilitates engagement by employers, alumni and all devoted to the professional success of our students.

CCD provides walk-in hours and offers various professional training programs and services throughout the year. Students and alumni can schedule individual career counseling appointments to assess their interests, values, skills and preferences. Decision-making tools and career assessments are used to develop person-centered counseling. Career counselors teach effective job search techniques; discuss opportunities in a variety of career paths; help tailor résumés and cover letters; strengthen personal branding and build strong interviewing skills.

Students and alumni can access the on-line, 24-hour job posting board, Handshake, for full-time, part-time, internship (current students only) and temporary positions. For those seniors seeking full-time employment upon graduation, there is an active On- Campus Recruitment Program available during the fall and spring semesters. Representatives from companies/organizations come to campus to interview students for career opportunities.

Additionally, CCD offers the Mentor Program  for Manhattan College students to gain insight into their intended careers by being paired with professionals, generally Manhattan College alumni, in those career areas. Meeting with mentors several times a semester, visiting the work sites, talking with other employees at the company, sitting in on a meeting, or sometimes participating in a project, offers the students opportunities to think about a chosen career field early in their college career. The program is open to incoming freshmen in the School of Engineering and to sophomores and juniors in the Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Education & Health and Science during the participating academic year.

Students can gain valuable work experience through the credit-based Internship Program. A student can apply for an internship after earning 54 academic credits, completing the basics in their major (at least 12 credits) and who are in good academic standing. School of Engineering programs are not included because they do not award credit for internships. Internships complement and broaden students' education through the practical application of the theoretical and technical knowledge gained in the classroom. For those interested in the no-credit internship, review COOP 401 (see below) and schedule an appointment with a career counselor from CCD.

For any questions please stop by the Center for Career Development located in Thomas Hall, Suite 330 or contact us at 718-862-7224 or

COOP 401Internship0