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O'Malley Library

The Mary Alice & Tom O’Malley Library supports the work of faculty and students through its collections, facilities, and services.  The librarians are glad to help students with their work, both individually and through information literacy and research classes.

O'Malley Library has four computer labs with more than 100 computer workstations as well as conference rooms and a wide range of areas for individual and group study.  An Internet Cafe is located outside the main library entrance.

The collections include 320,000 books and more than 42,000 current journals, including all the journals of the most prominent scholarly publishers: Elsevier, Oxford University Press, SAGE, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley. Through the library website, students on or off campus can access nearly 200 databases that provide access to journals, books, and reference materials.  The resources of libraries worldwide are available through our interlibrary loan service, and a number of consortial arrangements provide access to university libraries throughout New York City and Westchester County.

The Library maintains the Manhattan College Archives as well as the De La Salle Christian Brothers Archives of the New York and Long Island-New England Districts, the District of Eastern North America, the Midwest District, the Christian Brothers Conference, and the Lasallian Research Collection.

For more information about library hours and services, please see