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Opportunity Programs

Mission Statement

Manhattan College offers three distinct Opportunity Programs. These programs are integral to our Lasallian mission to support students entering higher education from underserved, underrepresented, or underprepared backgrounds. Through the tailored services and dedicated support that Opportunity Programs provides, students are empowered to learn, develop themselves, and achieve academic excellence.


Two programs, the Collegiate Science and Technology (CSTEP) and the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), are partnerships with the New York State Education Department (NYSED); they are open to New York state residents who meet certain eligibility criteria. The third program, Success @ Manhattan (S@M) is internally funded by Manhattan College.

Manhattan College Opportunity Programs aims to provide students with access, personalized success services, and help with individualized graduation plans. In addition to the academic advisors students meet through their academic schools, Opportunity Programs participants will benefit from a dedicated secondary advisor, a six-week prefreshman summer program, and access to increased tutoring, mentoring and academic coaching.

Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

CSTEP is facilitated at institutions across New York state, with the goal of increasing the number of historically underrepresented students pursuing careers in the STEM fields or licensed professions. CSTEP students are encouraged to attend the pre-freshman summer program to successfully prepare them for the STEM majors they are pursuing.  Over the course of the four years, students will work with their program advisors to tailor their academic and postgraduate plans to meet their educational and career goals.

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

HEOP at Manhattan College engages students who exhibit the potential for academic success, but come from academically underprepared backgrounds and have a demonstrated financial need (as set by New York state). With the extra academic services and the supplementary financial assistance, students have the opportunity to reach their full potential within their chosen degrees. 

Students will apply through the Manhattan College Admissions Office.  After the initial review, applicants who meet the academic criteria for HEOP will be shared with Manhattan College Opportunity Programs for further screening. HEOP students must successfully complete the prefreshman summer program and participate in supplemental programming throughout the academic year. 

Students wishing to transfer into HEOP at Manhattan College from another institution should highlight this on their application form.  Eligible programs of transfer include HEOP, EOP, College Discovery, and SEEK.

Success @ Manhattan (S@M)

The S@M program supports and guides students who may not meet the criteria for regular admission, but demonstrate a high-level of potential to perform academically as an undergraduate student with the appropriate support. S@M students should attend and successfully complete the prefreshman summer program.

Similar to HEOP, students will apply through the Manhattan College Admissions Office. Eligible applications will be processed through the Opportunity Programs Office for further review. S@M students are strongly encouraged to participate in all supplementary Opportunity Programs programming.

Prefreshman Summer Program

Students who attend the six-week summer program take one writing course, a mathematics course, and a third course that is tailored to their major.  Over the course of the program, incoming students develop their study habits, hone their academic skills, and develop their confidence.  By successfully completing the summer program, participants are well prepared to begin their first year of studies, can secure Manhattan College credits, and advance through some mathematics courses.