International Studies

Dr. Paul Droubie
Director of the Program

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program founded on the premise that world events can only be understood by employing a variety of disciplinary perspectives -- including political, economic, historical, and cultural approaches -- and that they must be understood in both a regional and a global context. This interdisciplinary and international perspective will prepare students for graduate school or law school, or for careers in business, education, government, non-governmental organizations, or international organizations. Students who have specific graduate work or careers in mind may want to take a second major or a minor to further their program.


Requirements for a Major in International Studies

All majors shall:

  • Complete 15 credits in the core curriculum
  • Complete 15 credits in the chosen area of concentration
  • Acquire a satisfactory reading and speaking ability in at least one foreign language.

Areas of concentration are: Europe; Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean; Africa and the Middle East; and Global Issues. This last category focuses on transregional issues such as the environment, technology, ethnicity, and international organizations. See below for the lists of courses in each area of concentration.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Russian is available through a cooperative program with Lehman College. International Studies majors should take at least one 300-level course in a foreign language or pass a proficiency exam administered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. International Studies majors who start one of the less commonly taught languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian) at Manhattan College are required to take at least 4 semesters of the language. A minimum grade of C or better is required in all language courses.

All International Studies majors are strongly encouraged to spend one or two semesters of their junior year abroad. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses used to fulfill the requirements for a major or minor in International Studies and for all courses taken abroad.

International Studies majors are advised to take ECON 150 Roots: Economics as one of their Social Science Core requirements.


Requirements for a Minor in International Studies

Minors shall complete 15 credits, including: INTL 201 Global Issues; ECON 334 International Economics; POSC 351 International Relations, POSC 352 International Organizations, or POSC 357 United States Foreign Policy; and HIST 326 Diplomatic History of Europe 1815-1914, HIST 328 Cold War Diplomacy in Asia, HIST 334 Diplomatic History of the Vietnam Wars or HIST 362 US Foreign Relations, 1900 to the Present. Students should also choose one elective from the list of courses approved under the Global Issues concentration. Students are encouraged to advance their linguistic competency. No area of concentration is required for a minor in International Studies.

Core Curriculum

INTL 201Global Issues3
INTL 405Senior Seminar3
ECON 334International Economics3
HIST 326Diplomatic History of Europe 1815-19143
or HIST 328 Cold War Diplomacy in Asia
or HIST 334 Diplomatic History of the Vietnam Wars
or HIST 362 US Foreign Relations, 1900 to the Present
POSC 351International Relations3

Area of Concentration

Majors take 15 credits in their area of concentration, with no more than three courses, or 9 credits, in a single discipline, and no more than two courses, or 6 credits, in a foreign language. Special topics courses and Model United Nations courses may be included in concentrations, when relevant, and at the discretion of the Director. Courses for the concentration are chosen in consultation with the Director of the Program, including those listed below:


ART 304Art & Architecture of Renaissance Italy3
ART 32319th Century Art: 1750-18903
ART 329History of Modern Art3
ENGL 280Irish Literary Revival3
ENGL 346Twentieth Century Irish Literature3
FREN 303French Culture Through Film3
FREN 316Aspects of French and Francophone Culture3
FREN 340French Civilization3
FREN 341Contemporary French Civilization3
FREN 350Mastersworks in French Literature I3
POSC 330Government and Politics of Western Europe3
POSC 331Government and Politics of Russia and Selected Soviet Successor States3
POSC 332Government and Politics of Central and Eastern Europe3
POSC 348Government and Politics of the European Union3
POSC 374Western Political Thought3
POSC 440Seminar: European Politics3
HIST 307Genocide and Racism3
POSC 473Senior Seminar: Contemporary Western Political Thought3
HIST 326Diplomatic History of Europe 1815-19143
HIST 352Nineteenth-Century Europe3
HIST 353Modern Germany3
HIST 354History of the Soviet Union3
HIST 355East Europe in Modern Times3
HIST 357Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HIST 388Women in Modern Europe3
HIST 390Terror and Terrorism3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
ITAL 316Aspects of Italian Culture3
ITAL 303Italian Through Film3
ITAL 340Medieval and Renaissance Italian Civilization3
ITAL 341Contemporary Italian Civilization3
ITAL 350Masterworks in Italian3
MUSC 305Music in France: Paris3
PHIL 374Western Political Thought3
RELS 302Religion and Spanish Culture3
RELS 310Religion & The Holocaust3
RELS 231Eastern Christianity3
SPAN 303Spanish Culture Through Film3
SPAN 316Aspects of Hispanic Culture3
SPAN 340Spanish Civilization3
SPAN 350Masterworks in Spanish I3
SPAN 351Masterworks in Spanish3

Or any 400-level Modern Languages and Literatures course.

Latin America and Caribbean:

ECON 412Economic Growth and Development3
ENGL 265Global Literature in English3
FREN 342Francophone Literature and Culture3
POSC 344Government and Politics of the Caribbean3
POSC 345Government and Politics of Latin America3
HIST 225Hispanic America3
HIST 318Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
RELS 238Theologies Of Liberation3
RELS 359Afro-Caribbean Religions3
SOC 262Contemporary Latin American Development3
SOC 328Societies and Cultures of Latin America3
SPAN 300Hispanic Musical Heritage3
SPAN 303Spanish Culture Through Film3
SPAN 320Special Topics: in Hispanic Culture Studies3
SPAN 341Spanish American Civilization3
SPAN 342Caribbean Culture3
INTL 313Argentina:History,Society&Cult3

Or any 400-level Spanish class on Latin America.

 Africa and Middle East:

ARAB 301Advanced Arabic I3
ARAB 302Advanced Arabic II3
ECON 412Economic Growth and Development3
ENGL 265Global Literature in English3
FREN 341Contemporary French Civilization3
FREN 342Francophone Literature and Culture3
POSC 343Government and Politics of the Middle East3
POSC 346Government and Politics of Africa3
HIST 242African Civilizations3
HIST 306History of the Modern Middle East3
HIST 307Genocide and Racism3
HIST 314Modern Africa3
HIST 391Decolonization: The End of Empires3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
RELS 231Eastern Christianity3
RELS 238Theologies Of Liberation3
RELS 342Islam and Politics3
RELS 353African Traditional Religion3
RELS 355Islam3


ART 316History of Asian Art3
CHIN 301Advanced Mandarin Chinese I3
CHIN 302Advanced Mandarin Chinese II3
ECON 412Economic Growth and Development3
ENGL 265Global Literature in English3
HIST 240East Asian Civilizations3
POSC 340Government and Politics of Asia3
HIST 307Genocide and Racism3
HIST 312Modern China 1839 - Now3
HIST 313Vietnam to the Philippines3
HIST 328Cold War Diplomacy in Asia3
HIST 334Diplomatic History of the Vietnam Wars3
HIST 348Modern Japan3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
JAPN 301Advanced Japanese I3
JAPN 302Advanced Japanese II3
PHIL 342Chinese and Japanese Philosophies3
RELS 238Theologies Of Liberation3
RELS 342Islam and Politics3
RELS 354Buddhism: Its Development and Interpretation3
RELS 355Islam3
RELS 357Religions of China & East Asia3
RELS 358Religions of India3
RELS 361Yoga: Philosophy, Praxis, and Art3

Global Issues:

ART 218Introduction to World Art3
COMM 271Transnational Mass Communication3
COMM 371Intercultural Communication3
ECON 412Economic Growth and Development3
ENGL 347Literature and War3
ENGL 348Postcolonial Literature3
POSC 205Political Geography3
POSC 207Introduction to Peace Studies3
POSC 223Environmental Politics3
POSC 254Global Cities3
POSC 309Comparative Politics3
POSC 351International Relations3
POSC 352International Organizations3
POSC 357United States Foreign Policy3
POSC 420Senior Seminar: Conflict Resolution3
POSC 450Senior Seminar: Politics of International Economics3
POSC 452Special Topics Senior Seminar: Comparative Politics3
POSC 455Seminar: Diplomacy3
POSC 457Model United Nations3
POSC 458Model United Nations II3
HIST 307Genocide and Racism3
HIST 362US Foreign Relations, 1900 to the Present3
HIST 377Science, Technology, and Society3
HIST 391Decolonization: The End of Empires3
INTL 310Technology and Society3
INTL 312Ethnicity in the Modern World3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
MUSC 216Introduction to World Music3
PHIL 238Philosophies of War and Peace3
RELS 255Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies3
RELS 333Non-Violent Revolution3
SOC 212Migration, Globalization, and Culture3
SOC 317Anthropology of Drugs3
SOC 329Political Economy of Global Migration3
or SOC 335 Culture, Health, and Illness

International Studies Courses

(Open to Majors and Non-Majors)

INTL 310Technology and Society3
INTL 312Ethnicity in the Modern World3
INTL 313Argentina:History,Society&Cult3
INTL 315Special Topics: Area Studies3
INTL 450Tutorial3
INTL 475Internship3


INTL 201. Global Issues. 3 Credits.

This course highlights the interrelatedness of political, economic, ecological, and cultural events as they affect nations, regions, and the global community. The course is designed to illuminate the complex nature of world events and the nature of international studies.

INTL 310. Technology and Society. 3 Credits.

Technology and Society. How gadgets and techniques, hardware and software, interact with people for better and occasionally for worse, and how governments consider difficult trade-offs in their policy-making.

INTL 312. Ethnicity in the Modern World. 3 Credits.

Study of several sub-national and trans-national ethnic and cultural movements. Their impact on local governments and international relations.

INTL 313. Argentina:History,Society&Cult. 3 Credits.

This course will provide an advanced introduction to the political, social and cultural history of Argentina since the Spanish conquest to today.

INTL 315. Special Topics: Area Studies. 3 Credits.

Special Topics in Area Studies. Course description will be announced when courses are offered.

INTL 400. Study Abroad. 15 Credits.

INTL 405. Senior Seminar. 3 Credits.

A study of one specific international problem seen from the viewpoint of different disciplines. Student research and class discussions on the origins and nature of, and possible solutions to, the problem. Open to International Studies seniors and by permission of the Director.

INTL 450. Tutorial. 1-3 Credit.

A course of study for students with particular interdisciplinary research interests not covered in the college's offerings. Research under supervision of a faculty member. Written permission of the Director and the supervising professor has to be secured before registration. Majors only.

INTL 475. Internship. 3 Credits.

Students participate in an off-campus training experience closely related to their area of study. Frequent meetings with the internship advisor and a paper are required. Internships are arranged through the Center for Career Development and must be approved in advance by the chair and the Dean of the School of Arts. Open to majors only.

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