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Graduation Policy

Each student is expected to be familiar with the academic regulations of the College and the particular requirements of their educational program. The student has sole responsibility for complying with regulations and meeting degree requirements. General academic standards and regulations are set forth below.

Students should also consult the current Student Handbook, which explains College procedures, disciplinary regulations, residence student life and related matters. This handbook is available in the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of the Director of Residence Life.

To be eligible for graduation a student must have satisfactorily completed all the courses required in the program for which they are registered. In following their program, a student must successfully complete all prerequisite courses before moving to more advanced work. All students must obtain a minimum average of C (i.e., a cumulative scholarship index of 2.00, computed according to the method set forth in the College Catalog). Students are personally responsible for meeting the degree requirements prescribed in the Catalog at the time they entered Manhattan College.