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Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

Students currently enrolled in Manhattan College who wish to leave the College in the following semester for personal, medical or psychological reasons, after which they intend to return, should request a leave of absence from the Dean of their School.  With approval, a student can take a leave of absence not to exceed one year.  Students requesting a leave of absence for medical or psychological reasons must have their requests reviewed by the Director of Counseling and Health Services.

If the request for a leave of absence is approved, a maintenance-of-matriculation registration must be completed and will be used to maintain the student’s matriculation status active during the leave. In addition, the maintenance-of-matriculation registration permits the student on their return to Manhattan College, to follow the degree program requirements in effect at the time the leave was granted. In special circumstances, a student may apply through their Dean’s office for one (and only one) additional semester of leave by completing a maintenance-of-matriculation registration. If a student is not returning after the approved maintenance of matriculation is over, they must inform their Academic Advisor.

A student whose request is approved will be billed a maintenance-of-matriculation fee.

Generally, students who have been approved for a leave of absence do not need to apply for reinstatement to the College. In addition, any academic scholarships awarded by the College will remain available to them after a one-semester leave of absence, provided they continue to meet the eligibility requirements. Students taking a leave of absence who are recipients of federal Title IV financial aid must consult with Student Financial Services to determine the implications of that leave on their financial aid eligibility.

A leave of absence for medical or psychological reasons requires prior approval of the Director of the Counseling Center. When the leave of absence is granted for medical or psychological reasons, the student can return to Manhattan College only after the Director of Counseling and Health Services has indicated that the medical or psychological condition has been addressed and the student is capable of resuming their studies at Manhattan. To this end, the student will be required to submit a written progress assessment from a treating health professional attesting to the student’s readiness to resume studies at Manhattan College. This documentation must address the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan for the semester of return. The Director of Counseling and Health Services may also require a release from the student to discuss current treatment and follow-up needs with the treating health professional, in order to assess whether the student is qualified and ready to return to the College. The director of counseling and health services approves the return of all students who have been granted a leave of absence for medical or psychological reasons.

If a student is approved for a leave of absence and later is suspended, dismissed or placed on probation as a result of academic issues or suspended or expelled as the result of a judicial decision, these sanctions take precedence over a leave of absence and stand as a matter of record.

Involuntary Medical Leave

If the College determines that a student should be placed on a leave due to medical or psychological reasons related to the health and safety of the student, Manhattan College reserves the right to place a student on an involuntary withdrawal from the student’s academic program of study.  This may occur when the student is not able to willing to take a voluntary leave and the College has made a reasonable determination that the student poses a direct threat to the health and/or safety of self and others.

Where Manhattan College believes that an involuntary withdrawal is to be considered, the Dean of Students will identify a team of professionals to make a reasoned determination. Included on that decision-making team will be a medical or mental health professional. The student will be informed of the College’s concerns and the pending decision to consider an involuntary withdrawal.

The College reserves the right to notify parents or legal guardians if deemed appropriate under the circumstances and applicable law, including making arrangements for family members to pick the student up from the College’s facilities, house the student or obtain health care assistance.