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Policy for Undergraduate taking Graduate Course-effective Fall 2023

 Qualified undergraduate students in the O’Malley School of Business, Kakos School of Science, and School of Engineering may enroll in a maximum of six credit hours (cumulatively) of graduate courses while completing undergraduate degree requirements with appropriate approvals. Qualified B.S./M.S. five-year students in the Division of Education may take up to twelve credit hours of graduate courses while completing undergraduate degree requirements. To be qualified, an undergraduate student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 at the time of registration for the graduate course(s). Other stipulations are:

•Senior status (90+ earned credits) is required when the courses are taken

•Registration in graduate courses will not result in any postponement of the completion of undergraduate degree requirements

•Graduate courses taken, under any condition, cannot be counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, unless as an approved part of program requirements of a dual degree program, such as the BS/MBA and the 5-Year Education dual degree programs.

•Undergraduate students taking graduate courses should maintain a full-time undergraduate course load (12 credits minimum) each term to be charged the prevailing undergraduate level tuition and fee rates and receive associated scholarships, grants, and other applicable awards requiring full-time status. Deviations to the full-time course load requirement will require students to review the status of their awards with Financial Aid Administration, as enrollment in graduate courses for graduate credit while pursuing fewer than twelve credits for the undergraduate degree may result in part-time billing with added graduate tuition and a loss of undergraduate aid awards.

•Qualified students must formally request the graduate courses prior to enrolling on the Undergraduate Registration Form and secure signature approvals to enroll in the course(s) from the student’s Advisor and the Graduate Program Director. The Department will update the appropriate Registration Permit-Override Code on the system for the course CRN(s) which will grant the student access to register online for the course(s) when registration periods are applicable

•Graduate courses approved, up to the maximum of six-credits at any level, fulfilling:

▪Undergraduate degree requirements, will be placed on the transcript at the undergraduate level and are subject to the prevailing undergraduate tuition and fee rates▪ The total number of undergraduate credit hours, plus graduate course(s), must not exceed 17 semester hours in any Fall or Spring term (or 18 semester credit hours where the undergraduate catalog curriculum allows for the higher allotment). Hours in excess of the maximum allowed per semester will be billed at the prevailing tuition and fee rates pursuant to the level of the course(s)

▪Graduate degree requirements, will be placed on the transcript at the graduate level and are subject to the prevailing graduate tuition and fee rates. For students in the School of Engineering who have applied and been accepted to the Seamless Masters, where all other conditions are met, a waiver of up to 6 credits will be granted in senior year to reverse the additional graduate tuition billed, provided that the semester hour cap is not exceeded.

•Graduate courses taken in intersession terms are billed at the prevailing graduate level tuition and fee rates

•Requested Graduate courses must be offered during the current semester inventory and not offered in tutorial, independent study, internship, abroad, clinical or research schedule types

•Requests to enroll in more than 6 credit hours (cumulatively) of graduate courses while completing an undergraduate degree requires special approval by the Dean and a completed graduate application submitted to Graduate Admissions for the related graduate program of study. These courses may not count toward the undergraduate degree level and prevailing graduate tuition and fee rates will apply

•Students enrolled in official 5-year programs may have additional program requirements to fulfill