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Withdrawal from the College

Regular Withdrawal

Students currently enrolled in Manhattan College who wish to withdraw from the College, effectively ending their status as matriculated students, must complete the required Manhattan College Withdrawal Form . An appointment should be made with the appropriate Academic Advisor to have an exit interview and to complete the required form. This form must be completely filled out or students will not be eligible for tuition adjustments and may be responsible for paying back any financial aid received from the College. Students will be considered withdrawn on the date that they officially notify the College. Students who withdraw from the College after the last day for course withdrawal will receive a grade of “F” for all courses during the session unless a waiver is granted by the Provost for medical, psychological or emergency reasons. In this case, the student will receive a grade of “W” for all courses during that session.

Administrative Withdrawal

A student may be administratively withdrawn from the College:

  1. If the student fails to register for classes by the end of the add/drop period.
  2. If the student fails to attend classes by the end of the add/drop period.
  3. If the student has not returned to the College or fails to qualify to return to the College when the approved period of leave of absence has expired.
  4. If the student has not returned after academic or disciplinary suspension at the time specified and the period of suspension has not been expended.
  5. If in extraordinary circumstances a student is unable or unwilling to request a voluntary leave of absence or a voluntary medical leave of absence and there is a clear need to protect the safety of the student and/or others or to protect the integrity of the College’s learning environment.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Retroactive withdrawals from classes are generally not allowed.  Under exceptional circumstances, a retroactive withdrawal may be approved if the issue precipitating the withdrawal has been documented and communicated to a student’s advisor before the end of a semester.  No retroactive withdrawals will be approved beyond 30 days after the end of the semester.

Medical Withdrawals approved within the 30-day deadline must have an official withdrawal date specified within the term and if no such date is provided, the default date will be one day before the last date of the semester.

Involuntary Medical Leave

If the College determines that a student should be placed on leave due to medical or psychological reasons related to the health and safety of the student, Manhattan College reserves the right to place a student on an involuntary withdrawal from the student’s academic program of study.  This may occur when the student is not able or willing to take a voluntary leave and the College has made a reasonable determination that the student poses a direct threat to the health and/or safety of self and others.

Where Manhattan College believes that an involuntary withdrawal is to be considered, the Dean of Students will identify a team of professionals to make a reasoned determination. Included on that decision-making team will be a medical or mental health professional. The student will be informed of the College’s concerns and the pending decision to consider an involuntary withdrawal. 

The College reserves the right to notify parents or legal guardians if deemed appropriate under the circumstances and applicable law, including making arrangements for family members to pick the student up from the College’s facilities, house the student or obtain health care assistance.

Reinstatement Following Withdrawal

A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from the College may apply for reinstatement. In order to return to the College from a withdrawn status, a student must make a request in writing to their Dean at least eight weeks before the beginning of the semester to which the student seeks to return. The College reserves the right to require, review, and approve documentation that the student is qualified and ready to return to academic work.

In the case of a voluntary withdrawal for medical/psychological reasons or any administrative withdrawal under this policy related to a physical or mental health condition, the student must submit a written progress assessment from a treating health professional as part of the request for reinstatement. The Director of Counseling and Health Services may require a release from the student to discuss current treatment and follow-up needs with the treating health professional, in order to assess whether the student is qualified and ready to return to the College and whether the College can provide the follow-up care needed to maintain the student’s enrollment. The Director of Counseling and Health Services approves the return of all students who have withdrawn or been withdrawn for medical or psychological reasons.

Students who are reinstated following a withdrawal from College will comply with the degree requirements of the catalog in effect when they are reinstated.

Withdrawal from a Course

After the Add/Drop period at the beginning of each semester, students are permitted to withdraw from a course without academic penalty until the twelfth week of the semester. Students can withdraw from courses using Self-Service, but will not be permitted to withdraw from all courses using this method. Withdrawing from a course after the Add/Drop period and before the deadline for all withdrawals places a W on the transcript for that course. After the withdrawal deadline at the end of the twelfth week, the student will receive a grade of F for that course, unless there are extraordinary circumstances (such as severe illness) that merit an exception. Students are cautioned to avoid a pattern of regularly accumulating W grades on their transcripts.

Course Requirements

At the beginning of each semester or session, each instructor is expected in each course to state the objectives of the course, indicate the course requirements, and the criteria to be used in evaluating the performance of students. Each instructor is also expected to announce whether a final examination for the course will be given, and likewise will outline the course requirements and indicate the criteria to be used in evaluating the performance of students.