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Women & Gender Studies

Dr. Nefertiti Takla
Program Coordinator

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that encourages students to explore the complex ways in which gender shapes who we are and how we live, and it takes the diversity of women’s experiences through history and across cultures as its central focus. Until recently, women’s experiences and work have been undervalued and often ignored. Recent scholarship by feminist historians, literary scholars, social and natural scientists, and educators has recovered the richness of women’s contributions and the complexity of women’s roles in society over time. This field of study explores the diversity of women’s experiences as they have been represented for and by them, and, in so doing, challenges students to examine critically gender relations in both the public and private spheres. Women and Gender Studies also analyzes gender as it intersects with other categories that shape social institutions and practices, power relations, and the very meaning of knowledge. Through courses, invited speakers, and faculty research, the minor seeks to promote women’s issues and gender awareness in order to help students create a more equitable world.


Minors must take 15 approved credits from the following list. Three of these must be at the 300-level or higher. No more than two courses from any one department will apply to the minor.

ENGL 256Types of Film Experience *3
ENGL 262Gender and Literature3
ENGL 323Studies in Eighteenth-Century British Literature *3
ENGL 334Romantic Matter(s): Subjects & Objects *3
ENGL 337Gender, Sexuality, and Literature3
ENGL 374Lust, Passion, and the Body: The American Novel to 19143
HIST 308Premodern Women and Gender History3
HIST 360Women in the United States3
HIST 388Women in Modern Europe3
HIST 389Gender and Sexuality in the Modern Middle East3
HIST 393Global Feminisms3
MGMT 460Special Topics in Management3
MUSC 400Special Topics: in Music *3
PHIL 230Philosophy of Law *3
PHIL 332Africana Philosophy3
PHIL 33520th Century Philosophy *3
PHIL 350Philosophers on Race, Class, and Gender3
PHIL 352Philosophers on Sex, Love, and Friendship3
POSC 310Special Topics: in Comparative Politics *3
POSC 412Senior Seminar: Women in Politics3
PSYC 342Psychology of Family Relationships3
PSYC 343Psychology of Women3
RELS 238Theologies Of Liberation3
RELS 300Special Topic *3
RELS 349Women and Islam3
RELS 374Women in Western Religion3
RELS 375Religion and the Body3
RELS 390Sexuality and the Sacred3
RELS 470Religious Studies Seminar *3
SOC 220Social Problems3
SOC 290Codes of Gender3
SOC 302Race and Resistance3
SOC 304Social Inequalities3
SOC 306The Family3
SOC 315Special Topics: in Sociology *3
SPAN 320Special Topics: in Hispanic Culture Studies *3
SPAN 420Spanish Seminar *3
SPAN 429The Spanish Golden Age *3
SPAN 440Women in Hispanic Literature3

A minimum grade of C is required for credit toward the minor.